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M.S. Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore

Faculty and Academics

Class Hours: 9 am to 3.20 pm. However, on certain days of the week there are classes upto 1.30 pm as well.

Faculty: Highly qualified and efficient faculty having lots of experience guide the students and mentor them. There are also few junior and part time faculties who are equally efficient. Almost each and every teacher is accessible and are ready to help when one requires it.

The classes of most teachers are quite enjoyable and it hardly feels like sitting in a class with a teacher imposing water tight rules on you.

Course Structure and Evaluation: M.S. Ramaiah College of Law only offers the 5 years B.A.,LL.B. course and is affiliated to the Karnataka State Law University, Hobbali.

The course is divided into 10 semesters with the core law subjects being taught from the fifth semester (Constitution is taught in the third semester and Contracts-I in the fourth semester).

The college conducts monthly tests which are compulsory for the students to write (P.S. there are ways to escape it) but the scores of these tests are not added anywhere.

There is also a pre-semester examination held by the college which has been made optional.

The evaluation methodology has been a problem not only with this college but with every college affiliated to the university mentioned above but if one works hard it isn’t much difficult to score a first class.

Student Culture and Activities

M.S. Ramaiah College of Law has a functional Legal Aid cell, debating society and a moot court federation.

The college organises a National Moot Court Competition every alternative year.

Sports day is held every year (mostly during summer) but its more of a picnic and time pass.

The college has also been celebrating various national and state festivals on request from the students.

The freshers and farewell programme oragnised by the college are more of a formality with not much economical support from the administration.


Since the M.S. Ramaiah group of institutions hosts numerous professional and degree courses and is considered to be one of the premier institutes in southern India, the students who come to study here are not only from different parts of the country but one can also find a foreign crowd.

Being a student dominated area there are numerous eateries and stationery shops around the college which can be easily accessed by foot.

Even if one does not like the state hostel food there are a lot of options available to them such as-Little Bites, Ottupura, Deccan Biriyani House, Eggstacy, Truffles Ice and Spice, Eat and Drink Bakery and many more.

The area in and around the campus is pretty safe with nice people all round and there is hardly any discrimination to be seen here as is alleged to happen in other parts of Bangalore.

However, most of the police personnel of this area are money mongers.


The students from the first to the final year have to manage their internships on their own and college does not arrange for the internships save for providing with bonafide certificates.

There is also no co-operation from M.S. Ramaiah college to intern part-time due to the strict attendance policy that the college follows.

The placement at M.S. Ramaiah has been improving every year with the joint efforts of the students, management and the faculties and almost all students who appeared for placements in 2014-15 have been successfully placed under lawyers, at law firms and corporate houses.

Administration and Fees

Fees: The fees keep on changing every year for the new batches that take admission. Thus, this must be confirmed from the college on a yearly basis.

Curfew Timings: As mentioned above there are several hostels for the students both in and around the campus, and each one of them have separate curfew timings of their own.

Administration: Though the teachers are really good, helpful and flexible. But the administration (especially the ones involved in M.S. Ramaiah directly) are not at all flexible.”

Other things

Very strict rules are followed and the disciplinary rules are more like a school or an army institution with almost no relaxation in rules at all.

There is no compromise with the attendance rules and people are not allowed to sit for the semesters of they do not meet the attendance criteria.

The students are not allowed to access the library and the computer facilities during the class hours at all except for special permissions from the principal or faculty.

A lot of opportunities are available unlike most other law colleges in Karnataka but one must be ready to hunt for those opportunities on his/her own self and fight for its execution rather than wait for the college to place it on the plate. Once you grab it, the faculty is always there to help you in it.

College does not pay the expenses incurred by participants representing the college at any international moot except for the registration fees and for national moots every expenses related to the moot is reimbursed by the college if you qualify to a certain level, otherwise everything other than the travelling expenses are reimbursed.

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college

Academic Block: The law department does not have its own academic block but has been rented two floors in the Multipurpose Block (which is actually a building) inside the engineering campus of M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology.

Classrooms: The Classrooms are spacious, airy with lots of sunlight coming in. P.S. Every classroom has a CCTV camera installed and is monitored by the Principal herself.

Library: The Library at M.S. Ramaiah has a somewhat good collected of books but these are mainly related to the subjects that are there in the course. It is a rare sight to find books on areas of law that are not taught in the course.

Mess/Canteen: The Multipurpose building where the law department has been using the top two floors on rent, has a canteen in the basement which serves pure non-vegetarian food. This canteen is accessible by students, teachers and staffs of all departments.

Hostels: The M.S. Ramaiah Law department does not have its own separate hostel exclusively for its students but the M.S. Ramaiah group of institutions have hostel facilities for boys and girls, both inside and adjacent to the campus.

These hostels have varying rates and one can select accordingly.

There are also numerous good and budgeted Paying Guest or Private Hostels available around the campus.


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