Law School Review: Department of Laws, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Full name of the reviewer

Niharika Sharma

Full name of your law school

Department of Laws, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Which semester are you in

5th semester of 3 year L.L.B. course

Faculty and Academics of Panjab University

Timings approx – 9 am to 12 pm

Evening – 5 pm to 8 pm.

Yes! 3 hours of lectures everyday except on days of presentations as some classes may be stretched for a little longer.

Only 2 classes a day and 5 subjects per week/semester.

Some of the Faculty is absolutely amazing. some lectures are a pure bliss.

The faculty has vast knowledge over the subject they are working over.

We look forward to attending classes as they aren’t that stressful with only 2 classes a day we are all ears to our lecturers.

Their knowledge along with the case laws and latest development in that regard makes it even more interesting.

However, some teachers irrespective of their knowledge at times due to their inability to put things across are unable to deliver their best.

But over all the faculty is amazing and we look forward to attending classes.

The course structure is very basic and restricted to the statute, nothing extra is taught to us.

But this has never been a limitation rather this has made me believe that if your foundation is strong you can achieve anything you desire to.

Student Culture and Activities

Moots were rare and unheard of until this year.

There has been a sudden roar in the number of participation in moots. There is a moot court society as well which takes care of this.

The student councils are a very prominent part of the University especially amongst law students.

We have frequent fests and some or the other event going on in the University and many lectures and interactive sessions are organized, many guest speakers are called for the same.

After-class life is also good as we have the entire day at our disposal and there are so many places around to hang out and chill!


The department is located in Panjab University. Where we have our beloved STUC – which is a hub bang in the middle of the university serving all kinds of meals from snacks, breakfast, beverages to an all course meal.

Apart from this, the main University market has a few places to eat and shops which every student needs like – photocopy, cobbler, salon, etc.

Around the university are the markets of sector 15, 11, 10, 17 etc. which have a number of eating and hanging spots for all.


There is as per my knowledge no fully functional Placement Cell.

The students are not spoon-fed and have to find their own way out.

Usually students do not intern, its quite a rare scenario but the trend has started.

Mostly students are going to the court or chambers of Advocates in the evenings, very few go out of the city to work with law firms ( since there are very few in Chandigarh).

Administration and Fees

The fee varies each semester – odd semester being the most expensive (Approx. INR 6-7000 Still cheap. LOL) and the even ones cheaper (INR 2-3000).

I have never stayed in the hostel so I have no knowledge about the hostel timings but everyone from the hostel seems very happy and there are not very strict curfew timings.

Hostel fee is approx. INR 1300 for 3 months or so (I may be wrong on this, but stating as per what I’ve heard).

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college

The infrastructure may not be the newest one but is very spacious and airy in its own way.

The department opens into a courtyard around which are the classes, etc.

Well! you cannot expect the a fancy, fully air-conditioned infrastructure from a state government funded University.

Even then, our department is very spacious and has big Lecture halls.

The moot court hall is also big enough and manages to accommodate many.

The library and the computer lab may appear to be small and very old but trust me you will find all the latest commentaries,etc.

It will never fail you on finding any useful information that you may be looking for.

Best things about your law school

The campus, the crowd, the fee but most of all the TIMINGS.

The timings are really comfortable and not at all stressful.

Worst things about your law school

Very less exposure! But we are not grad students anymore and everything doesn’t need to be spoon fed to us.

The timings are both good and bad, as it leaves you the entire day except the useful time i.e. before lunch to attend court proceedings, etc.

Other things

It is not a National Law University, so whichever stream you want to specialise in you must work towards it on our own.

You will have to find opportunities and internships on your own. The college does not have any contribution in the same.

The college is best suited for those aspiring a good career in litigation.


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