pda in law school, public display of affection

By Vasudha Misra, Campus Journalist, RMLNLU

If anyone of you has read Jerome K Jerome’s classic ‘Three Men in a Boat’, this little write up may remind you of the chapter on a frustrated man dealing with a very much in love couple in his house.

Being in a relationship has more than its share of perks, don’t get me wrong, but it can be a bit annoying for the spectators. On campus, single is not the way to be, especially if you have the slightest aversion to PDA. (For those who have been living under a rock, that stands for Public Display of Affection.)

After the sun sets and the singletons retire to their rooms for evenings of commitment free relaxation, out come the lovebirds. And suddenly, the campus is no longer the safe, desolate and peaceful harbor of the day. Taking a walk through the premises is like walking through a landmine of open and unabashed PDA, especially if you do not have much space to walk around anyway.

Nearly everywhere you look, there is a couple, canoodling away like it’s nobody’s business. (Well, technically it ain’t but come on! Spare us the horror.) Sometimes, the temptation of walking up on someone I know becomes so great that it makes me just want to buy a blinkers and get it over with.

Also, how do you avoid that embarrassing moment of the morning of shame, when you come face to face with someone you snuck up on the previous night? Awkward alert! The worst part is, you’re stuck with feeling like the apologetic jerk that destroyed several moments of their idyllic bliss while they curse you all day and give you cold stares for a week after.

But the hands down, absolutely creepiest scenario is when your parents are witness to a not so innocent act of love when come to visit you, thinking all the while, “What have I sent my child into?” And then you can have a merry time explaining to them why that girl and that boy came out from that shady little nook looking like THAT.

So, thank you friends, thank you for making the campus that, by the way, is as much ours as yours, such a nightmare.

(Didn’t mean to hurt anyone through this article, but if I have, I humbly apologize. Because, after all is said and done, who are we kidding? Aren’t we the slightest bit jealous?)

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  1. I had went for a moot court competition in one of the national law schools, and boy, was it crazy out there! Literally every corner had been taken by couples!

    It was more entertaining than unpleasant! But, I think this happens because they really have no other place to go to given the locations of most of these colleges!

    Would just say that the only people who should be embarrassed are the people DOING it and the not the people around, I mean, they are the ones on PUBLIC DISPLAY! 😛

    Nicely written! 🙂

  2. Its obvious that the author is quite jealous of love birds. 🙂 Seriously, Parents! As long as they trust us, I dont think we should worry about whatever they witness in our university campus. Move on, write about something more paranoid, and its my advice, please do not indulge in `judgment calling`, as it is the worst time pass and gradually degenerates your reputation.

  3. If it concerns censoring human actions lets err on the libertarian side, now who wants to buy Ms. Vasudha a pair of blinkers?

    • Why don’t you do the honours since you feel so strongly about the subject? Obviously, humour is a foreign language to you.

  4. Nice article, ma’am. But come on, in RML? The majority of people in any given batch are singles. At most 15-16 people are committed in any given batch. This article certainly doesn’t fit the crowd of RMLNLU 😛

  5. Quite true. However, I think it’s not really PDA. Is it? Don’t know about your NLU but in ours, they spend time in the darker areas of the college, which isn’t that public. And its quite honest when you spoke about the pangs of jealousy. Totally agree.

    • Lol. When I wrote this article, I had just come across two people at it in the library 😛 That’s what prompted this outburst.

      • Library is indeed an awesome place were my lips were tasted by my 😉
        It was the first time. The warmth I felt when he held me tight and kissed me was great.
        Smooching in a library is sweeter than mooting in a library.

  6. One man’s affection, is another man’s neglect. Similarly, one man’s PDA is another man’s PDH(Public Display of Horror)

  7. Still believe that their love making is not our business. They never compelled us to watch. As far as “impression on parents” is concerned-they must also understand that their kids are not doing anything better. Scenario is same everywhere. But if you still have unresolved issues I think college authorities would be more thn happy to entertain such a complain. And if even that does not finds you relief, well you can file a police complain.(public obscenity is illegal after all). Why to attract public opinion over a matter for which we already have a solution. (No hard feelings)

    • Preeti, I did write a disclaimer at the end. And I think people are taking this way too seriously. I meant it as a light hearted take on the phenomenon. Please try and understand that I never meant it as an insult.

      • Chill yaar….even I agree with some of your points. 😉
        Frankly speaking I enjoyed reading your write up. Nicely expressed. Keep up the good work.

  8. PDA also has it’s plus points for spectators.
    Especially when you are sitting with your best buddies, such couples are joke bombs whose stories can make the whole group laugh for an hour.
    But yes, on an average PDA is less pleasing to the eyes, even less when the campus is relatively small.

    • Oh well, it seems not many people appreciate our point of view. Good Lord, I feel like I’m going to be ostracized after this.

    • If you have an objection, I think there is a less aggressive way to express it. I am open to criticism. I invite a lot of that. Thank you for taking the time out for making that mean comment, anyway.

    • loser dude,
      i COMPLETLY support vasudha’s viewpoint.the fact that u repied so nastily clearly shows that you are definately one of “THEM”.get a life.instead of appreciating someone’s efforts, all you can do is post this trash.i think u need a psychiatrist more than she does. 🙂


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