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Hi! I am back! After long and just for this one post I guess.

If you guys are expecting to read about something that is going to help your legal career or how to survive cut throat competition in a law school, kindly stop reading! This post is not for you!

You, I specially talk to the mean and insensitive comment writers, can suck it!

Last time it was coffee today it is vodka!

So about a million pegs down now lets talk about sex baby!

Welcome to the jungle!

Where internships break friendships, marks trigger back biting and moots test relationship bonds.

People do all sorts of things and you’re surprised that people use sex to get through moots?


I think you need to grow up and look at the bigger picture!

 If you think about it, most of our decisions are motivated by sex. The thought of success or wealth does very little to motivate most people but people would move mountains for the remotest possibility of getting laid. Maybe it’s the instant gratification that sex provides that a far of goal like that of being successful can’t!

Well these aren’t my words. My wisest friend told me this and she’s right.

Although in an epic case of misjudgment, she made the big mistake of misinterpreting who could have probably turned out to be the love of her life to be an object of lust, I strongly support her idea.

Its not about morals anymore its about convenience. If it is more convenient to have sex with guy and get a moot than to learn English and prepare a great memo, people will do it! That’s how far they are ready to go and that’s how much they can do. Its just a different level of being career oriented, they might be less talented that you (in your opinion) but they sure are more determined to move ahead!

This is not a rant. This is a movie. Maybe, of your life!
This is not a rant. This is a movie. Maybe, of your life!

And please lets call a spade a spade. If you had the balls and didn’t fear being judged, you would do it too.

So clearly when a lot of us are having sex. Ok if not all the way at least third base!

We have boyfriends fuck buddies.. umm, too hardcore? Okay let me make that sound a little better “friends with benefits” one night stands flings etc.

And heaven knows its fun!

Judge me all you want, but it is a lot of fun!

And whatever I write after this is going to make you guys hate me, but this is how I think it works.

So sometimes you don’t think the guy you are having sex with will do you a favor. Sex does not always have to have an ulterior motive. Sometimes its just for what sex does and a favour comes out of it.

Some people propbably just do it and initially we all have that little ego moment when we think to yourselves that we can’t ask them or tell them about our miseries, demands or wants and then we do and because most people are sensitive towards their partners after the act for XYZ reason tend to oblige.

I know sometimes because of arrangements like this sometimes the worthy loses what they deserve. But really if you think about it who is the judge of who is worthy?

We are ready to go all out these days , we backstab, bitch, don’t share notes, hide etc etc.

Sex is just another form of sabotage we should be prepared for. Also, again its not always sex for favor, sometimes its like sex and later omg there is a favor too?! 😀

And lucky are those who get good action plus the gift! God bless you guys!

You just can’t judge.

You take gifts from your boyfriend he probably gives you more gifts than you give him. People could say you are using him for the gifts. Its just childish !

Maybe I am using him , because I need those gifts they make me happy. In turn I satisfy him in my own way . It’s a two way street and a matter entirely between me and my partner .

We do horrible things, intentionally or unintentionally. Its fine. If that’s the way some people chose. Amen!

If you are talented it will show. You will find the right avenue!

Well here’s my side of the I haven’t interned in the past one year.

My brain is partically covered with a thin layer of rust and crap! Why didn’t I get an internship?

SABOTAGE happened!

And believe me that friend was super close!

I call her family in this alien city of Bangalore .

But I got over it!

And believe or not we’re still tight.

Am I supposed to give up on her ? No, I am supposed to learn. I am supposed to think, carefully understand what went wrong and throw my chips accordingly next time

Like how you chose to avoid a person who bad mouths you. You need to devise a mechanism to deal with people who use sex to climb up the ladder!

A lot of people know who I am so probably I can not put forth the true picture.But trust me I have seen bad things.

What do I do when I see bad things ? I get stronger!

Do NOT fucking judge!
Do NOT fucking judge!

And this coming from a person who is in the puddle of career, sex, drugs and sabotage- DO NOT JUDGE.

When you see a friend sleeping for favors do not judge!

You never know, tomorrow you might have a boyfriend who will do something for you. You will be with him because you love him. You will have sex with him because he’s The One. Then one day he does you a favour. How will you justify to your friends that you didn’t sleep with him for favours when they give you the same accusing looks you’re giving others right now?


What if the person you share it with does the same mistake sometime later you complained to her about?

You might be a righteous Gautam Buddha but what if she fails the standards you have set for her and for yourself?

You will lose a friend!

To err is human.

She uses her boyfriend. Does that make her a bad person? A person with a tiny perspective and very little exposure ( I am sorry for sounding so cocky) will say yes. I say no! Maybe she is a great friend and keeps her boyfriend happy !  She shares the chocolates her bf gets her with you!

She does drugs! are addict hogi, pagal hai ! NAI! MAZAA AATA ! ADDICT NAI HUN! 


I set a lot of standards for myself and I found myself breaking every standard brick by brick!

Its relative world what is right today might be wrong tomorrow AND WHAT IS WRONG TODAY MIGHT JUST BE WHAT YOU WILL DO TOMORROW!

I am not asking you to sell your soul to the devil.

I am not saying don’t have an aim in life or an ambition or a goal.

What I am talking about it those unnecessary moral limits that we bind ourself with. I will never drink I will never smoke. Flirting with a guy when you are in a relationship with somebody else is cheating . I am a commitment person can’t have an open relationship.

It’s a long long life buddy, long enough for you to see yourself break every such unnecessary promise made to yourself.

And lastly

Let he who has never sinned throw the first stone!

That’s from the Bible.

You are sinning too!

Note: This is a Reader Blog. We may or may not subscribe to the view-points mentioned herein. Who knows, right? Today we might, tomorrow we might not.

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. For all those who have read the post and find it a crap thing or a blunder,
    DON’T JUDGE !!!
    Ignoring the kids, I request adults to not act childish and pick up the moral, rather than posting comment like WTF and shit.
    Afterall if at all you were the one with morals and all that stuff, I guess you would have never read a post with a caption like that. 😛

  2. Well first of all kudos for writing this candid and explicit post……certain things exist and we all know them too but not all of us practice the same…Sex as a ‘convenience charge’ does exist but is a form of corruption only, you pay in kind and don’t ask for money but favours. Depends how far one is willing to go for that ‘success’ : whether to become a prostitute (oldest and most condemned profession) oneself for rising up the ladder or by other non-sexual favours or by sheer talent. This is a matter of choice….maybe the next step would then be to eat someone’s poop !!!!!!
    So as per the above analogy and as per your post everything is akin to prostitution……u made a choice and all the best for the same !!!
    ##In other person’s post she talked about the facts and was pondering upon which choice to make… was as simple as that. period.
    ##In your post you are talking about the mechanism, psychology and selling the idea of prostitution as you seem to be firm believer in what Churchill said…….here you are not only being subjective but a bully too as your title says losers of law talk about……It’s well written but with an ill will. I would have appreciated more had it not targeted someone.

    IMO we should not indulge in this dirty mud-slinging and restrict ourselves to thoughts, facts and facets of different things how we see it.

    Admin: Please don’t allow such mud-slinging and make sure no one is bullied !!!!!! We all have right to express what we feel like, but make sure it’s not targeted at others.

    P.S: A rich prostitute (gender neutral) with a BMW will still be condemned by many. Last but not the least you don’t have to justify anything to anyone. If you firmly believe you are a prostitute for your bf/ husband you are one and it’s as simple as that…for you it might be unnecessary morals cos you chose this way but for others they might be struggling which choice to make !!!!!!

  3. People who are criticizing this post either use sex to getting ahead but does not have the balls to admit it or belong to NLUs who inevitably has an edge over everything be it internship, moot or job, so lets not talk about ‘dignity to refuse it’ and bla bla bla…!

  4. Dis post was clearly wrutten with intention to counter sexual harassment’s claim in HNLU. Dear HNLUites u all are proving urself there must exist some truth in that article. Idiots

  5. This article does not have an ounce to do with law school. One of the most stupid posts ever read. Is this site a cosmo magazine or law school portal?

  6. Hey!

    I’m an avid reader and trust me I haven’t been hooked to a post like I was to yours from the beggining till the end. Although I am from Delhi I most certainly haven’t experienced this culture first or maybe just refused to acknowledge something like this going on latently.
    Your article is an exposure of the otherwise ‘talent wins over all’ myth and also has some great theories like the one wherein you ask how will someone justify they had sex out of love but just for the favor that followed.
    Thank you for writing so explicitly cause really I was getting really frustrated with the ’10 tips to crack a top tier firm internship’ crap.
    Keep going.

  7. Are you fucking kidding me. This write up is the worst piece of turd I’ve ever encountered. Which makes me thank God I haven’t encountered you. Yet.
    It is okay to speak up against moral vigilantism, but what you’re promoting is something completely antithetical to the entire concept of a healthy competition, which is in this case an internal moot. You appear to be highly uneducated. I can totally imagine you sitting with your weed and smoking away to glory possibly humping your fuck buddy. Highly sick post. I’m all in favour of not judging people, but you cannot stretch it too far. Given your logic, it is okay to murder someone because- Heya don’t set standards! It’s just a higher degree of sabotage.
    As your immature mind might construe this comment as being ‘mean’ and consequently asking me to ‘suck’, well I do and it absolutely is a great feeling, you asshole. Aur itne exclamation mark likhne se chaud nahi badh rahi hai teri. I hope your 2Cool4Skool shit is over.

    • To the admin,
      I would appreciate if you publish my comment {Art 19(1)(a) ftw}. I understand that the language is rude, and many people consider asshole to be an insult, so perhaps you can put asterix there or something.
      Needless to say, publishing this comment would be rudimentary.

  8. This is really misleading. Its equating liberal freedoms and stretching it so as to include non-competitive practices. Yes it is a cutthroat world and a dog eat dog world. But that is no excuse to not put limits on yourself and on your conduct.

    Even if your significant other offers you such favours. Many people have the dignity to refuse it. Not everyone wants the short cut. People want to earn their success. That’s what makes it worth it.

    There are thing that need to be deemed unacceptable otherwise it’ll just be anarchy.


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