On 7th October, 2016, the Law Commission of India notified a questionnaire inviting public to give their views for the revision and reform of the family laws in the light of the Article 44 of the Constitution which provides for the provision for having a Uniform Civil Code throughout the nation.

The commission seeks the public opinion with the intent to begin a healthy conversation about the viability of a uniform civil code and will focus on family laws of all religions and the diversity of customary practices, to address social injustice rather than plurality of laws.

The Commission emphasized that the family law reform has to view women’s rights as an end in itself rather than a matter of constitutional provision, religious right and political debate.

The Commission will then, responding to the demands for social change, consider the opinions of all stake-holders and the general public to ensure that the norms of no one class, group or community dominate the tone and tenor of family law reforms.


Those who are willing to contribute their ideas and opinions should mail the filled questionnaire within 45 days to lci-dla@nic.in (by November 20) or send it by post to:

Law Commission of India, 14th Floor, H.T. House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi -110001

The questionnaire is here.
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  1. I strongly support uniform civil code. Every Indian as per constitution should follow the law of the land. There should not be any bias in caste creed or religion under law to deal with property, marriage, divorce to resolve the issues.

  2. I fully support uniform civil code for all citizens in all matters to ensure art 14, 15 1nd 21 of constitution.Cental government and supreme court should ensure equality and equal protection of all laws throughout india.

  3. There should be ONE NATION ONE LAW. We need UNIFORM CIVIL CODE in our country where there are so many traditions, customs & religions.

  4. I support for common civil code. One country one law. Let the people practice their cast or religious formalities within the walls of their respective home.

  5. From the comments, Hindus are all for UCC. So am I. Muslims against it. What about other minorities – Christians, Jains, Buddhists…?
    But my problem is I could not e-access the Law Commission’s Q’re so I could respond. Nor is there an email ID to which I could copy the Q’re from the text of the article by Jawad and send my responses

  6. I will support to civil uniform code in all the matters, such as marriage , property , custom etc. Plz sir implement this only.

  7. I support UNIFORM CIVIL CODE. Being Indian it’s the duty of all Indians t obey the Constitution of India, which ensures Equality of Right as per Article no 44. If we have common criminal code, we must have common civil code also.

  8. Uniform civil code is must implemented without any further delay on the part of the GOI, it is about fundamental right which must be given equally to all whether men or women without any discrimination. If we follow outdated and barbarous Islamic law then No person could claim equal protection of law and equality before law. Women should support UCC for their own benefit as well for others. We all know that all parties who luring Muslims for their own vote bank are not opening their mouth for fear of Muslim vote bank.

    My request to all Muslim women to teach a lesson to all those parties who are not opposing the outdated and barbarous Islamic law in the election time.

  9. I don’t support for uniform civil code .it’s game playing by canning maids.please stop to play with people heart’s. Respect all religions be unit. And lead world.stop polygamy. Love the national. Love to people. Were we born thank Q.

    • Are you indian? if you are true indian wants the country to prosper without any outdated customs and practices which are hindrance for equality before the law and constitution please support UCC without any reservation. We are in modern world most of our customs and practices have changed from primitive and mideival civilisations.let us progress with the time. dont be make yourself antiprogressive person by opposing theUCC.

      • Dear friend,
        Tripple talaq is not there in Quran and Our judiciary does not support it since 1981. 90% of the laws applicable to other fellow indian is applicable to muslims also. we want to keep 10% of our laws to be practiced as per quran See quram Chapter no:2 verse no 228-234 it clearly indicate the ways of talaq.
        Whether hindus, christans parsies etc all would like to practice their own rituals regarding marraige, inheritance etc. How can UCC be applied to them all. Can you will marry as per Indian law No because it is a ritual. Quran is a book not written by any individual, its a revelation from God. so there is no chance of any wrong law.
        recently science has discovered that a female if had sexual contact with another male within 4-10 days will attarck VD and other deseases. Quran had said 1438 years back that a divorced women shall wait a period of 4-10 days as iddat period before she gets married again. Likewise many example I can quote. I understand the subject and have deep knowledge of it so do i speak. Thanks Bro. It was just for your understanding pl go through the verses you will know the truth

  10. Muslim Personal Law Women’s Conference. Go.
    We vehemently condemn the efforts to impose UCC on Muslims of India.
    UCC is directive in nature and Freedom of Religion is a fundamental right enshrined in constitution of India.
    We caution the gov’t. against every effort to deprive us of our fundamental right by imposing UCC.. If you want to give us right to divorce. We vehemently Divorce Uniform Civil Code.. We are in full favour of Muslim Personal Law.

    • Sir you are saying about right to religion, what about artivle 14 right to equality article 44 that there should be a uniform civil code. You plead freedom of religion okay when there is a question of rights you come to constitution and when having fun or rituals you go back to personal laws. Article 13 of the indian constitution says if any provision of personal law is inconsistent with the any provision of contitution then that law is void, however here is the question of core provision of the constitution i.e, right to equality. If you want to follow shariyat law so follow as a full why only some provisions as Shariyat also says hand should be cut in case of theft, a person should be beheaded in case of adultery so follow full why only some provisions which gives you absolute right over women. Sir i want to ask you if a woman is given divorce while she was sleeping her husband announce three times talaq and it prevails, why talaq is gives by a telegram ? is it not against the equality and absolute right of husband? Sir today in this modern world all this shoulsd be set aside and come together for a better nation and prove this super powers that we are not any less and all this could be done only by implementing one law for one nation.

      • Sir with due respect,
        I like to follow shariyat totally.
        cut of hand in case of robery, behead in case of adultary. This id practiced by saudi arabia and there is less crime over there.No sir you are mis guided. Tripple talaq is not practiced and not existing in our shariyat. See Quran Chapter no: 2 Verse 228-234. you will be surprised to know the way of talaq. India judiciary does not agrre to tripple talaq and it is wrong as per shariya. we accept 90% of indian laws but we want to get married as per our rituals, talaq as quran says and inheritance as per quran which says 1 part to girl and 2 parts to boy because girl is getting money from husbands house also. and in case of talaq the father/ brother has to get her married again.

  11. Article 44 of The Constitution of India must be honorably implemented and accepted. Let an Indian citizen be governed by one UNIFORM CIVIL CODE.

  12. Uniform Civil Code should not be implemented….

    Personal Laws should not be broke….

    Every citizen has its right to live in Country..

    This is not a Hindu Country…. India is country of Colours….Many religions…. Faith….. Love…..
    I request not to make this issue a problamatic…. Lets drop Uniform Civil Court….

    • It is your presumption that UCC will favour Hindu .first all I make you clear that UCC is for every citizen of the country . So don’t make any prior assumption.

      Like we have common criminal procedure code can’t we have same civil code though

  13. Uniform civil code is necessary for development of different communities in India.So as soon as possible it must be implemented .

  14. I support Unifom Civil Code (UCC) and it must be implemented in India on the basis of one nation one law principle. All Indians are equal irrespective of their caste & creed. No religion can be above the Constitution.

  15. भारत देश में नारी का सम्मान सर्वोपरि है,इसलिए समान कानून व्यवस्था लागू होनी चाहिए
    सबसे पहले तो देश की सरकार और सुप्रीम कोर्ट को धन्यवाद जो मुस्लिम महिलाओं के हित में एक कानून को लागू करने का सोच शुरू किया,निश्चित रूप से समान कानून के लागू होने पर मुस्लिम समाज की महिलाओं की मानसिक और शारीरिक दशा में तो बहुत बड़ा सुधार आएगा ही इसके अलावा वे आर्थिक रूप से भी ताकतवर बन सकेंगी। आज महिलाओं की हालत देखकर दुख होता है कि भारत जैसे नारी को पूजने वाले देश में एक समाज की महिलाएं मात्र तीन तलाक जैसे पुरुष प्रधान दकिनूसी व्यवस्था की जंजीरों में जकड़ी हुई हैं और पुरुषों के हर जुल्म को महज इसलिए झेलने मजबूर हैं क्योंकि उनके पास कोई अधिकार नहीं है। समान अधिकार समान कानून लागू होना चाहिए तभी देश में मुस्लिम महिलाएं तरक्की कर पाएंगी अभी तक तो एक अनुबंध के तहत पुरुष के साथ रहने मजबूर हैं फिर समान अधिकार के साथ पत्नी कहला सकेंगी,अभी तो उनको यही डर लगा रहता है कि कब और कहां बैठकर पुरुष उससे तलाक-तलाक तलाक कहकर घर से भगा दे?। हां मेरे इन निजी विचारों से किसी मतलबी और देश व महिलाओं का आदर नहीं करने वाले को कष्ट हो तो क्षमा करें।

  16. I support the Uniform Civil Code.
    I Support Uniform Civil Code
    for various reasons:
    1.Constitution of India is supreme and it should be followed for all citizens alike.
    2.Art.44 should be honoured and executed.
    3.matters of Marriage , Divorce, Adoption, Guardianship and child custody, Maintenance, Succession and inheritance should be governed by Uniform Civil Code.
    4.Uniform Civil Code will ensure Gender Equality.
    ……Uniform Civil Code should be implemented.
    Kudos to the State for the effort.

  17. I will support for uniform civil code because all r equal. Even for woman in parental property and father property . The poperty should be equally distributed among male & female . They should not be discriminating with woman.

  18. India is a democratic county which doesn’t have a state religion. Here everyone is treated equally so there should be an equal law for everyone.In secular countries, family laws need not give much importance when its contradictory to social equality and justice.

  19. If government is enable to implement to uniform civil code in India . in this situation government should establish sharia court for Muslim and all the cases like criminal etc. run in sharia court and fix punishment as per sharia law.

  20. sir, many different laws are there but we need bill is property grabber every suit under filed in court. Most of people filing is under land dispute. this should be abolished initial stage itself by making bill in land cases No third persons should not involve in land owners property in their livelihood, human right and fundamental right. Nowadays court should not dispose the cases earlier by not verifying encumberance certificate. No judges prolong the case by simply filing get injection in land case is against law. If any cases are arrive in any court whether it is adverse poossession, land grabbing,encroachment or non payment of rental this cases should dispose within 6 months ,due to govt officials bribing and misuse of the act only it was happened by providing amenities in their names . How everything in third person name court admit not enquiring properly simply give judgement before 2011 as adverse possession. Many land owners are suffer lose their lives due to muscle power,money power, political power . this is to be changed, Govt provide shelter for living how they rob one’s property long time ,even without train ticket or bus ticket we fined and punished how govt and court encourage this people without punishment.There is no use of getting freedom this should be changed .

  21. Uniform Civil Code is necessary for every Indian citizen and it disclose one nation one law. We are first Indian then other. I support the Uniform Civil Code.

  22. To hum sabko apna alag kanoon banane ki ijazat mile ….. Aur phir Kya jarurat hai high court aur supreme ki ….. I support civil code.

  23. सब को समान नागरिकता होनी चाहिए,, अगर मुस्लिम समुदाय 3 तलाक माँगता है तो चोरी और रेप आदि पर भी शरीया कानून मिलना चाहिए सभी मुस्लिमो को,, धन्यवाद,,,,,

  24. Uniform civil code is necessary for our country because we have several type of religion, cost and community but their human life is more and less same that is why all the people should under one umbrella.


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