Below all by Ritu Nichani

What college’s taught me:

1. No matter HOW frustrated you may be with it, there is no place like home.

2. You stop taking food for granted no matter how little of a foodie you are. No one cooks like mommy.

3. A parcel from home gets you as excited as a date with Michael Scofield ๐Ÿ™‚

4. The nicer you are, the more you get bitched about.

5. You HAVE to watch your back at all times. Trust is an unknown commodity!

6. Rumors are food for thought and air for life.

7. Relationships are futile and people are volatile.

8. You don’t get hugged on an average of eight times a day. (Darn it! I haven’t even got eight hugs in two months!!!)

9. When life throws lemons at you, throw some eggs back and then make lemonade.

10. A cleaned-up room lasts that way for only two days (Okay. Three days to the max)

11. Food tastes better with raw onions.

12. No one in the world has time for you when you really need it even though you may put everything aside to give someone time.

13. Having maggi and khakra with garlic pickle at 3 am is fun!

14. People in college love spike busters! (They love them enough to steal them)

15. Oh yes! How did I forget?? Having a bath with cold water and using a loo that has no owner!!!!

16. You become a mother at hostel.

17. The more you plan your day, the more screwed up it gets.

18. Ignorance is not bliss. Awareness is.

19. People are very jealous of secure relationships.

20. The world’s favourite exercise is jumping to conclusions.

21. People who call themselves your ‘friends’ don’t really know you.

22. People treat you like a disposable razor- use and throw.

23. The reliance data card is one of the most unreliable things in the world.

24. The world’s most beautiful relationship is the one you share with your parents.

25. You learn more living on your own than you learn from classes and the library.

26. Strength is like maxepa! You pop a pill of strength everyday!

27. College also makes me realize that I’m a hopeless romantic.

And I’m sure there’s a lot more I’m going to learn. This is just the beginning. Cheers to life!

Painting by Ritu Nichani- II

PS- The two pics in this post are paintings by Ritu Nichani herself. Please note that they are not related to the content in the post.


  1. so ,yeah ,you had a bad day wait no , you had a bad month ,so suck it up or go scream and hit it hard .but stop being sad and start being awesome! yeah,yeah the food is bad ,too many bugs , people talk shit about you ! stop giving a fuck and try to find ” your peeps ” . that’s the only pill you would need, an overdose of them everyday ! oh yeah , also contrary to whatever you wrote to which we deeply sympathize , two months into law school we believe its freaking amazing its because we have the “peeps “( although its just been one month and after reading your piece we believe that there are more peeps we are yet to meet ). oh yeah once you find them .go do something crazy, jump in a lake (the awesome the better ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) ,have a mud fight , go for a trip ,sneak out ,basically do shit ! okay bye ,have a fucking exam tomorrow and its 4 am ! well ,that’s law school for you !


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