Internship Experience @ Law Association, Chennai: Improved my skills a ton



Exact duration

28 August 2015 – 27 September 2015

My internship experience as a junior was quite interesting. It has improved my skills in various subjects. I learned to ask questions and speak boldly. My volunteer experience working as a junior has helped me develop compassion and attention to detail.

While joining the office, I was scared that how my senior will treat me, since I don’t have knowledge about the field work. But I was confident in only one point of view, whatever it is I can learn and do it.

My first day of office was good, my senior questioned me, do you know to do this, that, I replied sir I don’t have any knowledge about what you are asking.  Sir is too friendly, he didn’t scold or taunt me but instead he taught me routine works and took me with him.

Then the very next day I did everything alone, I went to court to note the date of the case and even sir gave me a case bundle to represent the case through another advocate in the court hall to get argument timing after 1:30 pm since he is going to attend another case before this case.

What I learnt

It became my daily routine. After doing it for 2 weeks, I got bored. I felt “we learnt everything”.

When I told Sir about the same, he told me that I made you to sit here while am talking to client it is because you should know how to talk to a client, question the client, answer the client and to understand the state of the client’s mind whether he is depressed or aggrieved or stressed out etc.

Sir told me just remember to always be friendly, hardworking and ask questions. Don’t assume things by yourself instead try to ask questions.

That moment I felt” internship is an art of learning law by practical means”. I started doing my internship as professional opportunity and not a job lit.

Where am I

I come to know that my foot is only on the first step of the staircase. These are some of the most beneficial lessons I have learned.

As I said this internship has improved my skills a ton both of paper and on paper. It has taught me more than I could have imagined. I know more now than I did before I started.

This is an opportunity to convey my passion for the field of law.

This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.


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