First posted on July 31, 2011

By The Nihilist

So are you thinking of doing CS and Law (are you thinking of counter strike? Get back to playing in that case). Why?

For one and a hundred reasons: my law school friends are doing it, my parents asked me to go for it, I was a commerce student, just for the heck of it, I heard its good money, blah, blah.

Nah, my lad, do it if you are interested and that’s it.

CS or company secretary is a demanding course and a full-fledged career option in itself. Combined with law, it has the potential to unlock those hallowed doors of the corporate world to you that may lead you to the stairway of success.

I have come across a number of queries from those desirous of being a CS to those who just wish to know if a peer doing CS is in a more advantageous position vis-à-vis them to just curious souls.

Not so long ago, not a lot of people from law schools thought about the company secretary course but now the increase in supply with the rapidly increasing number of law colleges and the apprehension regarding placements, especially since after recession, has led to a continuous stream of lawyers cum company secretaries being churned out by law schools.

Well, legal recruiters are certainly not complaining.

FAQs on Law and CS

The most frequently asked Questions or MFAQs (such as the duration of the course, the subjects involved) have not been repeated here as answers to the same can easily be found with a simple google search.

1. Is CS worth it? Why shouldn’t I embellish my CV with moot court wins and other such credentials?

What is better? Chocolate cake or a Royal Enfield? Don’t compare chalk and cheese.

While a CS course arms you with up-to-date knowledge of accounting and corporate law, mooting gives you a chance to sharpen your researching skills and bolsters your speaking skills and certainly lets you explore a gamut of laws.

Moot point: Do what you love. If you love both, go for them both.

2. Won’t preparing for CS with Law eat up into my time? How do I manage studying for both college and CS simultaneously?

As Charles Bruxton put it, “You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” Did you really have time for that football game last evening?

If you really want to do it, it will happen. Opportunity cost- does that ring a bell? Its all about your priorities.

3. Is the company secretary course difficult for law students already trouble with 5 subjects?

Yes and No. No sayings and quotes here. Practically speaking, one does need to study for CS. A corporate bent of mind will certainly help. You may be able to clear the first stage without giving your books a second look but after that you definitely have to turn the pages.

Being a law student is actually an added advantage as certain portions of the syllabi are similar. So if you really want to do it, it is easy enough and if you have taken it just for adding another degree to your CV, well its gonna make you earn it.

UPDATE: Rule 6 of Rules of Legal Education says that you CANNOT pursue CS with Law argues  Kushal Rohira, School of Law, Christ University. (He’s actually wrong. See the update below).

It was only recently that I was enlightened of the fact that pursuing Law with CS is barred by Rule 6 of the Rules of Legal Education, 2008.

6. Prohibition to register for two regular courses of study: No student shall be allowed to simultaneously register for a law degree program with any other graduate or postgraduate or certificate course run by the same or any other University or an Institute for academic or professional learning excepting in the integrated degree program of the same institution.

Provided that any short period part time certificate course on language, computer science or computer application of an Institute or any course run by a Centre for Distance Learning of a University however, shall be excepted.See here.

[UPDATE: June 15, 2015, 1.30 PM]: Our Reader, Sreenath Balan, has pointed out the definition of ‘Regular Course of Study’ as mentioned in Section 2, Subsection xxiii. See here.

“Regular Course of Study” means and includes a course which runs for at least five hours a day continuously with an additional half an hour recess every day and running not less than thirty hours of working schedule per week.

And hence, the debate is settled. YOU CAN PURSUE CS AND LAW.

law and company secretary, law and cs

4. Isn’t CS for those who are the bottom of the batch and need to make up with another degree for the lack of a good CGPA in law school?

Are you kidding me? I know some of the smartest law students among the toppers in their respective batches undergoing a CS course and it is a choice that they have made despite being assured of more than brilliant placements.

Yes, CS improves your prospects of getting placed but more than that it widens them.

That didn’t really make sense, did it? Let me explain.

It improves your prospects in terms of you having an additional qualification. It widens your prospects as most companies are statutorily obliged to employ a company secretary and which company will not want to lay its hands on a CS as well as a lawyer for the price of one!

5. I am from the science stream. Can I think of going for CS?

Why not? Yes, it is a little more demanding for those of us who do not come from a commerce background but that disadvantage can be nullified with a little bit of hard work.

You will have to master accountancy as opposed to someone from a commerce background who has prior knowledge of it but it is pretty much doable. Passing entries is not that big a deal. All you need is a clear head and some practice.

As goes a law student’s first lesson on being a reasonable man.

6. When is the right time for a law student to register for the company secretary course?

At the earliest. In fact, if a law student is very clear about wanting to get into a boardroom and not the court, enroll even before you join law school.

In fact, if you are done with all three stages while you are still in college, chances of bagging a brilliant internship increase manifold.

The other advantage of enrolling early is that in case you have to repeat any of the papers, you still complete the CS course before you sit for recruitment.

In case of any other questions that may pop into your head, add a comment. Your query will be addressed soon.

The official website of the The Institute of Company Secretaries of India is HERE.

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  1. Company Secretaryship is a very good course. It mainly focuses on the law. If anyone needs to do CS and law simultaneously then they should keep in mind that CS also covers the Business, Company, and Accounting subjects in it.

  2. Hello sir, i jst cmpltd my llb and i want to do cs bt i want to start practincing in llb.. cn u suggest me which subject should i take for practincing while doing cs excutive which is usefull in future cs prospectus???

  3. I have done CS and BA LLB. Shall I opt for LLM? I am planning to do LLM from NLS, Bangalore. Should I go for it or do CS articleship?

  4. is it good to study only Corporate secretryship without any degree… i am doing CS foundation now and i am not going for college at all…is this good…will i be qualified for superior jobs…without any degree…Overall will i have a good pay package just with CS…plz do reply me…who ever…have completed…cs…without degree…

    • no … nomore complusion is there aftr you finishing ur company secretaryship … if u do so it may brings u to place with additional scope nd it enlarge ur scope of working in corporate world…

  5. hello Sir,
    I am doing B.Com., 2nd year . After completing this degree, I will join CS course. Then after completing CS can I joining CLAT exam for pursuing law degree?

  6. Hello sir, M Arpitha, i was doing my final year B COM and CS , and I planned to take LLB after my b com, now my question was on which specialisation subject I need to do LLB which was helpfull to my CS…..?

  7. m doing 5yr course blsllb so currently m in 2nd yr course frm next yr i wanted to do cs along wid llb and i also want to practice under a lawyer as intern so it is possible ?

  8. hello..
    i m about to start my 5 year integrated law course… should i opt CS..? if yes… will i be able to make it? i mean both together..? i need some more detail. if possible help.

    • Yes it is possible but you must make proper time management for this.
      BALLB/BSLLB/BBALLB is a regular course for which you have enrol in college and continue with your regular studies.
      On the other side, CS is an Professional course for which you have to enrol with ICSI by paying the respective fees and then you can join any private or regional coaching classes.
      The CS can cleared by giving three levels viz. Foundation; Executive; Professional and it might take around 3.5 – 4 years minimum with 15 months of Internship.
      So you can pursue both it might be difficult because CS is not easy to crack but as compared to Law you’ll have some subject similar over both. But if properly done you’ll have a graduate degree and a professional degree at the end of 5 yrs
      Note : CS is 60% Law and 40% Commerce.
      Good luck*

  9. I have done B com, LLB, MBA(finance)-distance learning, CS executive, I want to work outside India or what should i do to get good job in India .please suggest

    • You can join as a Advocate under any Finance/Business firm. You can also act as CS, but until you complete CS Final, that would not help.

  10. i am a 12th grade student in commerce and i did not opt for maths. i am thinking to pursue LLB and cs altogether and as i notice above, no law clg provide with a cs course so is it going to be a threat that i did not opt for maths in any sort of entrance exams and how do i go for cs along with LLB? do i have to go for externals? because as i am told is externals are kinda less valued these days or do i have get admissions in two different colleges altogether? is it possible?i don’t understand what is to be done!

  11. I wish to pursue a career in cs….but I heard that student with cs as well as llb are given more weightage…in that case if llb is done through correspondence…will it be acceptable…

    • LL.B. cannot be pursued through distance education or through correspondence. However, you may pursue both the courses simultaneously if you desire.

  12. if we wish to pursue Cs along with my main course- 5 year B.A.LL.B, then what marks are considered appropriate in cs. would average or passing marks in CS would be sufficient?

  13. I am in 4th year of B.A. LL. B. (H) , i feel i am already late for cs as i plan to give cat next year., Advise please?

  14. i am in 12th standard now. i am thinking of pursuing LAW + CS as a career. Is it a good option? I am going to write CLAT 2017 . when should i start my CS studies? and IF i get admission in a NLU , how am i going to continue my CS studies? do law colleges teach CS courses too? (i dont think so though. Do they? ) when is the right time to start CS courses?
    Please answer my queries? 🙂

    • You can start your CS right away. No law college would teach CS courses but you can clear the CS course through self study and some coaching.

  15. Sir, I am graduate and pursuing cs (executive) . is it necessary to do LLB 3 year course. is there no scope of CS without LLB ? what is the salary of CS with or without LLB ?

  16. Can i also do bcom wid law and cs? I have just done with 12th … i want to do all the three … what should i opt for 1st? Bcom with cs ? Please advice me on this ? Will i be able to do it? Can law be done with bcom?

  17. I took up CS simultaneously with my five-year course in law in 2010. Throughout my days in a traditional law college, I have done over nine moots, bagging awards in two; i have over 5 research publications in reputed journals; in addition to 7 internships. I’ve not felt that there was a dearth of time.

    Although, CS did require me to take up two additional repeats in one paper “Advanced Tax Law Practice” in the Professional Programme of the Course. The course-structure was more complementary than time consuming, for the CS study materials, brought more practical insight to the sober text books/references we use in our course in law.

  18. I’m engineering 3rd yr student & i wish to enroll for cs , i’ve already started preparation for foundation but is it really possible for me to be cs ? pls help…!!!

  19. Hello admin,
    I’m in 12th commerce and as the time is coming I should be prepared for what I should do after 12th I want to go for management field and I want to do CS too… Can u please advice me what I should do.. Should I go for BBA CS or BCom cs or LLB cs..? Please guide me.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Vishal
      Immediately after 12th, you should go for the 5 year BA. LLB course from a reputed college/university. Along with this, go for CS course.
      CS+law has a great combination and one can have good career opportunities. It has a good salary package also.
      Value of CS along with law increases.

  20. Sir,
    I am currenty pursuing CS foundation & also i am in the 2nd year of BA.LLB (5 year integrated).
    Which is a good & better option after completing these – MBL or LLM? , as i want to do further studies and have a good hand on it.

  21. Greetings sir/ maam,
    I wrote CLAT last Year with and secured an AIR 2767. I decided to take a drop and write clat again in 2016. In the meantime I wrote cs foundation exam( for the fear of not making it well in clat again) and secured an AIR 12. Now I am inclined towards cs as well. I want to pursue both CS and LLB now. But some of my teachers have guided that clearing cs executive along with regular law college might.prove to be a bad choice. I am really demotivated. Pls help me out at the earliest.

  22. Hello currently i am studying master of business law from National School of Indian University through distance education.but can i go for CA as well studying mbl is it a good option?

  23. I had completed my graduation in 2014 and i ‘ll be taking admission in 2016 in law because of 2 year gap i won’t be placed ?

  24. I am studying for my vs foundation.what I want to know is, if I do not complete my graduation and would like to do law after I complete my .ca so will it be a 3 yr course a 5 yr course for me?

  25. I am a CS student and I have completed 2nd level of CS. I am awaiting my Graduation results. I am confused whether I should opt for Law Degree or any other Masters Degree in Commerce. Which has better career prospects?

  26. Hi,

    I am from It backround a MBA in IT, But I am intrested to do this course… , Can it be benefitial to take this up. Please suggest.

    Awaiting for your revert.
    Thanks in advance.


  27. Sir,
    iam an average student completed my graduation in TY Bcom this year and iam in my 2 nd level of cs i.e executive is it advisable to take up LLB along with my CS? will it be too difficult to cope up with both? please guide me.

    • No. Not really

      Because in your. LLB u will be having 5 subjects only.
      Even certain of them u must hve studied in ur. Executive. So. I would say Go for it

  28. if i had passed foundation exam and had a gap of one year i can still go for executive exam . i m pursueing b.allb

  29. Sir, I have completed my LLB 5year integrated course this year. Now I am thinking to do CS . can I start at this stage for CS. Will it help me and how much time it will take me to complete CS.

    • As u have completed ur law it’s great for u to join CS even u will get certain law papers exempted which u already have studied in your law

      As far as timing of the course is concerned, it all depends on u

      If u clear in the first shot it will take 2 year

      And as u know CS is a correspondence course, u can pursue with your on going job or practice

      • Hello sir, i jst cmpltd my llb and i want to do cs bt i want to start practincing in llb.. cn u suggest me which subject should i take for practincing while doing cs excutive which is usefull in future cs prospectus???

  30. Hello, I have completed my B.a ll.b five year course. Can anyone please advice me mba in hr after law.. I am v confused pls help.

  31. Sir,
    I completed my Degree. Doing my CS Executive stage.What is your opinion on pursuing CORPORATE LAW (2year course) along with CS? or is it better to do LLB ? what should I choose ??

  32. Sir,
    I am currently studying in 2nd yr B.Com LLB (5 yr course) program and i want to go for CS. So please guide me as the Rule 6 of Rules of Legal Education is contrary to it, and barred me from opting it.

      • But the word ‘regular’ is not mentioned anywhere in section 6 of the Bar Council Rules. And subsection 23 of section 2 only defines the word ‘regular’ and nothing else. No how is it related in any way?!! I would please like your advice on it.

  33. sir
    I am in second year right now and will be giving my Cs Foundation in June 2015 .
    Is it too late to give the exam now?
    Also is coaching needed for CS Executive exam?
    If I take coaching will it hinder my internships?

    • I know I am too late to answer

      I have u hve cleared ur exam mere in june2015

      Look, it’s better to be late than never,

      Even u r in sy u will be completing your CS before you complete ur. Post graduation,

      And left about coaching yeah if u find it quite hard to prepare self there are a lot coaching classess available , and internship?

      As per the rule. You have 1 year of internship which u have to join as u clear ur. CS I.e. cs professional

      And think like this way if drop CS u will be focusing on your graduation, that anyway you are going with. So just focus nd go on with ur. CS


  34. Hey, I am presently in 3rd year of BA L.L.B(5 year course) and I am enrolled in CS Institute and have to give my foundation Exam this June 2015. I am now a little worried that should I go for it as the rule 6 says something contrary and am I too late as after an year I will have too sit for placements in my college…?

    • It won’t have a much bearing on your LLM application or a scholarship. But you can surely use a CS qualification to say that you are interested and competent with corporate laws and related subjects.

  35. Sir,
    I am currently pursuing CS Foundation and I am also enrolled in a 5 year integrated B.A. LLB (Hons.) degree. We have to under go a one n a half year management training in the course of our Company secretaryship course. How can a law student manage both of them?

      • That can be done only after the law degree so how does one actually complete CS while being in law school? 😐 Just clear exams uptil executive and leave?

    • Yeah you have to go for 1 year of internship or training u call,
      Which u have to enrolled in as u complete ur CS,(I meant by passing CS professional I.e. last level)

      U can do ur training if ur college timing is in the morning and does not hindrance official working hours

      If ur college timing is not enough convenient to go for an internship(training)

      Then just clear ur. CS (I mean by all exams) and when u clear ur BA-LLB there must be campus placement in ur co. So u can go for it and for next 1 year u can show it as ur internship just by some paper formalities.

      I hope it helps


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