Internship Experience @ K & S Partners, Gurgaon: Learn the basics of Intellectual Property Law

Your Name

Anubrata Saha

Name of Organisation

K&S Partners, Law Firm, Gurgaon

Application Process

You have to apply online by filling out this form HERE.

It is advisable that you apply 4-6 months in advance and keep following up with the HR head, Mrs. Sarbari Ghosh over telephone.

Duration of internship

June 1- June 26, 2015, 4 weeks

First impression

They have a huge four storey building within walking distance from the Huda City Metro station.

All the interns were asked to report by 9:30 AM.

We were provided with the internship forms.

Mrs. Ghosh, HR head met us around 10 AM.

She briefed us about the rules and regulations to be followed. She allotted us the Associate/ Sr. Associate as our mentors.

The office is located in Sector 44, Gurgaon.

The interns were mainly asked to read the relevant statutory laws on the first day.

Main tasks

In my 4 weeks of internship, I have mainly worked with the Patents department.

I have drafted fresh patent filing applications as well replies to FERs among others.

The associates give plenty of research work to interns so normally everyone used to be busy.

However there were few days when interns kept waiting for some work to be assigned to them.

Work environment

The attorneys are really cooperative over there.

I remember, on my first day, my mentor explained me the entire process of Patent filing and its complexities.

He taught me the basics of Intellectual Property Law and explained all the relevant sections of Indian Patent Act for Patent prosecution.

Best things

I really liked the working atmosphere over there.

Although a mentor was allotted to me, however I was free to ask for work from any of the Associates, Senior Associates or Partner from the Patents department.

They explained to me the entire concept before allotting me any work and most importantly they took out time to clear out all the doubts I had.

Bad things

The interns sit in the basement so every time you want to meet your associate mentor you have to go to the respective floors.

This creates quite a hindrance in the interaction process.

Moreover there is no stipend.


None. They do provide lunch to the interns free of cost.

Biggest Lessons

One thing that struck me was no matter how high you reach in life, you should never forget your roots and loose humility.

The attorneys treated the interns with respect and they made sure that the interns feel like an asset to the firm.


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