Karnataka State Law University Law School’s 3rd International Law Moot Court Competition [March 5-6, Hubbali]


The teams should take the facts of the case provided by the organisers as final and no clarifications shall be sought.

Each team shall submit written Memorials on behalf of both the parties to the case latest by 16th February, 2015.

Each team shall be given 30 Minutes to advance its arguments or make submissions. Hence, each counsel shall have fifteen minutes only at his/her disposal.

Each team will be assessed for 100 marks in oral rounds. Memorials will be assessed for 50 marks separately. Memorial marks will not be added to oral rounds to decide the qualifying team for the next round and finally, even to decide the winners and runners up.

The Four stages in the Competition shall be: First Round; Quarter Finals; Semi-Finals and Finals.

1. First Round: Every participating Team shall take part in the Preliminary Round as per the fixtures drawn and announced.

2. Quarter Finals: Fifty percent of the teams appearing on behalf of the Applicant and fifty percent of the teams appearing on behalf of the Respondent shall, on the basis of the marks secured in the Preliminary Round, enter the Quarter Finals.

3. Semi-Finals: Four out of the Teams participating in the Quarter Finals shall, on the basis of the marks secured therein, move on to the Semi-Finals.

4. Finals: Two out of the Teams in the Semi- Finals shall, on the basis of the marks secured therein, enter the Finals.

Rules Regarding Submission of Memorials

1. Each team has to submit two sets of memorials for both sides.

2. The Memorials should be typed in double space on one side of the papers.

3. The arguments should not exceed 15 pages (A-4 size). However, these 15 pages will not include the Cover page, Page of Content, Table of Authorities, Table of Cases, List of Abbreviations, Statement of Facts, Issues/Questions presented, Summary of the Arguments and Appendices.

4. The Memorials should be neatly bound and submitted.

5. The Memorials submitted will not be returned.

Dress Code

Participants shall be dressed in suit.


Prizes will be awarded to: 1.Winners, 2.Runners-up, 3.Best Memorials, 4. Best Gentleman Advocate and 5.Best Lady Advocate.


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