Your Name

Naveena Pradeep

Name of Organisation

Hon’ble Justice Kurian Joseph, Delhi

Duration of internship

May 27,2015 – June 21, 2015

First impression

There is an office attached to his residence where all the law clerks and law interns sit. It actually gives one enough time to do whatever you intend to without disturbance.

Justice Kurian’s status is surely intimidating, but as a person he is very approachable. Also it is mandatory to wear white and black (preferably a blazer too).

Main tasks at the Justice Kurian’ internship

Research on the topics that is being heard in the court at that point and to find case laws that are relevant.

Also you get the opportunity to watch kick-ass lawyers speak in the court and get the perspective of a case from the point of law alone.

Work environment

Every single person I met during my internship was very helpful and friendly. The law clerks are pretty chilled people to hang out with.

Best things

Opportunity to watch wonderful lawyers advocate in the court and being able to analyse the case from the perspective of a judge without having bias towards any side.

Bad things

The office is situated in Race Course. Therefore, there aren’t really many places to go to if there is any free time.



Biggest Lessons

No matter how successful a person is, all that matters is your personality.

One thing I can say is how kind and humble he is. I really do wish every other judge is the same.

Any Other Thing

Unlike many experiences I have heard of from different sources, Justice Kurian Joseph actually cares as to what you do. Everyday it is mandatory to meet him before you leave.

justice kurian joseph internship
Justice Kurian Joseph


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  2. I am a student of ba.llb 3rd year…. i wanna do internship under him Hon’ble Justic Mr. Kurien Joseph. How can i contact him???


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