Call for Papers: Journal on Contemporary Socio Legal Issue [Vol I Issue 2]; Submit by Nov 20

About the Journal

Journal on Contemporary Socio-Legal Issue (JCSL) is a student-edited peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal published by the JCSL Team. The Journal is expected to be a platform for the academicians and other experts from the legal fraternity to present their ideas.

The Journal aims at addressing the current issues at hand in the areas of corporate law, media law etc and promote awareness among all, starting from legal professionals to layman. It aims to become a forum of interaction of eminent scholars and students and to encourage law students to develop their interest in various fields of the law.

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About the Call for Paper

Original and well researched papers from academic scholars, faculty members, researchers and students across the globe on any of the themes/sub themes are invited for publication on Interface between Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Law and Traditional Knowledge.

India is rich with biological diversity and associated traditional knowledge (TK). Protection of TK has direct connection with protection of biogenetic resources of each country. India has witnessed many cases of biopiracy involving misappropriation of TK.

Advances in biotechnology ensure that even though traditional agricultural products such as neem, basmati rice or turmeric cannot be patented per se, genetically modified versions – for example, patents for new strain of neem with higher pest resistance, patents based on wound healing properties of turmeric or curcumin’s ability to differentiate cancer cells from normal cells – can be patented.

Sub Themes

  1. Interface between IPR and competition law: Conceptual Analysis
  2. Competition law and IP law in India
  3. Abuse of dominance and IPR
  4. Interface between IPR and Traditional Knowledge: Analysis of global regime
  5. Need to develop a sui generis system for both defensive and positive protection
  6. Traditional Knowledge in India: Efficacy of existing legislative framework to protect Traditional Knowledge
  7. IPR and Biotechnology

The submissions are carefully reviewed subject to triple review process by JCSL Student Editorial Team in order to ensure its quality. In addition to this, each article would be peer reviewed by academicians and other experts of the Editorial Board. The write-ups will then be published subject to certification as original and of publishable quality.

The JCSL would accept submission in the form of:

  1. Articles are academic writings which discuss and analyze original legal issue and problem. JCSL considers Article submissions of 5000-7000 words, excluding footnotes.
  2. Short articles are those which advance an idea or initiates analytical discussion. JCSL considers papers of length 3500-5000 words, exclusive of footnotes.
  3. Case Analysis and Book Review can be submitted on any legal or policy development the length of which shall conform to not exceeding 3500 words, exclusive of footnotes.

The journal shall publish only those works which are of original nature. Manuscripts are acceptable for publication on the understanding that their contents, all or part of it, have not been published elsewhere. Every contribution shall be author’s own unique work and shall not constitute plagiarized works.

Both single authored and co authored (a maximum of three authors) entries will be accepted.

Submission Deadline: November 20th, 2015

Contributions should be mailed only in a soft copy to with the subject in mail “Submission of an article/short article/book review/case analysis for JCSL Vol. 1 Issue 2”

For submission guidelines, click HERE.


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