Name of the Firm

RRG & Associates, Delhi


RRG & Associates is a full service Law firm specializing inter alia in corporate law, arbitration (domestic and international), mining law, environmental law, competition law, intellectual property law, foreign exchange and taxation matters.


Litigation Associate with a minimum continuous litigation practice of 2 to 5 years. Candidates with prior regulatory law experience would be preferred.


As per Industry standards.

Application Procedure

Kindly mail your updated resume highlighting your academic and professional qualification at


It will be preferable if the applications are sent to us by 21st January, 2017.


  1. You are welcome. I think even Lawctopus should do little background research before letting people advertise for free.
    It is unfair to candidates who apply with so much hope but are left depressed and frustrated in the so called ‘Firm’.

    The only way they earn money is through engaging seniors and taking cut backs from them. I had personally seen one of the partners in court and she is nothing less than pathetic.
    You dont learn anything in the firm and waste your time.

    • So, do you expect us to do a background check for everyone who advertises with us for free? What sort of research do you want us to do?

  2. No one should apply to this office. In my experience it is one of the worst places to work at and thats why they have an opening every three months.
    An average employee does not stay here for more than 4-5 months and when they give notice to leave, first they dont accept it and if you get a better offer they send a legal notice to their own employees threatening […] including complaining to Bar Council and allege that they have stolen their files. Its happened in the past one year with atleast 4-5 employees.

    Anyone still interested to apply to requested to do their due diligence before joining this place. You can easily find the ex-employees through internet and ask them.

    Word of advice, sit home but dont apply to this office.
    Issued in interest of general public.

    • Thank you for your information. It has given a great view & brief know-how about the Law Firm. Keep sharing such instances in future in the interest of other candidates in general.


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