The Clinic

The Clinic is part of the Death Penalty Research Centre, which was set up in August 2014 to deepen engagement with the death penalty in India
through various initiatives.

The Clinic was established to ensure that all indigent prisoners sentenced to death in India have access to competent and effective legal representation.

The Clinic is the result of the Death Penalty Research Project (‘the Project’) being carried out by NLU Delhi since July 2013 in collaboration with the National Legal Services Authority.


A. Devise legal strategy and arguments for cases handled by the Clinic and carry out related research.

B. Draft criminal appeals, review petitions, writ petitions, affidavits-in-reply, rejoinders, and other legal documents.

C. Brief and assist advocates on record and senior counsels.

D. Visit prisons across India to conduct detailed interviews with prisoners sentenced to death, their families and trial/appellate court lawyers.

E. Regularly communicate with prison authorities to obtain case specific information and documents.

F. Collect case records maintained by prisons, previous lawyers, family members or court record rooms.

G. Present the work of the Clinic at appropriate forums.

H. Assist in writing grant proposals and research funding opportunities.

I. Share administrative responsibilities with other Research Associates to ensure smooth functioning of the Clinic.

Application Process

Interested persons may send their resumé and cover letter to 


Applications must reach us no later than 15th February 2015.

Full details are HERE.

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