Mandatory Skills

1. Legal Blog Writing and Content Creation – The candidate should possess passion and expertise in legal writing – Articles, Blogs, and News Updates on happenings in the field of law. Should possess good writing skills. Ability to create innovative legal content for internet.

2. Knowledge and Understanding about Law (specially – Intellectual Property Law) – The candidate should possess knowledge about Intellectual Property Law and its various forms. Capacity and intelligence to learn/grasp detailed aspects of IP Law.

3. Management Skills and Good Communication Skills

4. Entrepreneurial Zeal and Passion – It is important for the candidate to be a possessing passion and enthusiasm required for a Startup. The work profile will require the candidate to contribute his/her skills and expertise at various supplementary tasks in running and managing the startup to flourish and the candidate should be willing and passionate for the same;

5. Ability to handle and deal with tasks allied and cognate to main tasks.

About the Job

This position is for a Startup which is in the field of Legal Services. The position requires the candidate to be willing and competent to contribute in each and every sphere of the Startup, as is required in every Startup.

The legal expertise and skills will come in handy at various places including but not limited to Legal Blog Writing and content creation. The candidate should possess good management and leadership skills, an inherent part of which are good comprehension and communication skills.

The position offers a flexible and exciting work environment with the opportunity for the candidate to grow along with the organization. Ample opportunities for exposure to the candidate.

Terms of Employment

1. Type – Permanent; Full-Time; At Office

2. Remuneration – Negotiable

3. Place of Work – New Delhi

How to Apply

 Kindly go through the above Work Profile requirements in detail before applying

 Please e-mail your CV along with a brief Statement of Purpose (stating why you think you want to apply for this work profile) on the following E-mail Id –

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  1. “A Startup in the field of Legal Services”
    Its strange how addressing yourself discretely, without providing any useful information about yourself/organization (I’m assuming here that you are not a job consultants) you are asking job seekers to provide all details, not only educational but also asking for a ‘brief statement of purpose (stating why you think you want to apply for this work profile)’.
    To be honest, I’m unable to fathom (let aside sharing with you) what (and why) I would want to apply for this work profile, when I don’t have the slightest idea about the organization or the mentors behind it.
    Since you are a startup, to start with, first mention your own identity and purpose, then only you should expect people to share their synergies with you.


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