Internship Opportunity @ Chauss Consultany: Campus Ambassadors and Research Team Members: Apply before Nov 7

Applications for the post of Campus ambassadors and Research team members in Chauss Consultancy are being invited.

Interested students are requested to send their CV along with desired post latest by 7th November, 2015.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should be a present student of law graduation.


Certificate of appreciation and performance based remunerations

Job Profile

Campus ambassadors are expected to extend the reach of our consultancy in their circle by social networking and personal involvement and also to promote certain programs initiated by us from time to time.

Research team members are expected to assist with their extensive research in legal area and to complete the given tasks of research within prescribed time.

Who we are

Consultancy firm specializing in providing legal aid and advice without any fees.

Our aim is to help law students, professionals and the common people with everyday problems.

Description of what we do

Everyday we come across various situations where the line between the legal and illegal blurs, sometimes we are ignorant about the most basic laws and end up being denied what is rightfully ours.

Law students, with there often overburdened schedules do not find time to do justice to the academic work given to them.

This is exactly where we come into the picture, ask us what is legal and what is not.

Ask us about your projects, research papers and moots.

We provide assistance in a diverse range of fields including but not limited to memorial editing, argument framing, literature review, synopsis etc.

We will try our best to help you out and make a difference.


To help create a just society based on equity by ushering an era of legal awareness and empowerment.


NUSRL, Ranchi

Email id:

Contact person: Hitaish Chauhan, 7870886608


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