Location: New Delhi


  • Vacancies open to freshers from premier law schools and experienced professionals alike.
  • A deep rooted interest in domestic and international arbitration is a must apart from sound understanding of commercial laws.
  • Strong research and writing skills needed along with an impeccable command over English both written and spoken.

Remuneration: Rs 30,000-40,000 per month with performance based bonuses.

Application procedure:

Interested Candidates can apply by sending their resume and cover letter along with dates and availability to join the office in the event of an offer being extended to recruit.arbitration2017@gmail.com. 

Note: Only shortlisted candidates would be notified.



  1. Guys,
    has any one of you received “Only shortlisted candidates would be notified” part’s reply. More importantly has any girl received a reply.
    lemme know please
    this was an exercise in futility

  2. Kindly verify the email address. The address mentioned and verified is atill wrong and no email is deliverable to this email.

  3. Thank you sir
    you best
    this how supreme court job give arbitration?
    plz guide

    – G. Tilak
    Lavely Professional University

      • Apologies for using the term “Lax”; – for someone who was entrusted to post this.
        “Note: Only shortlisted candidates would be notified”
        Plus no one to address the email to, closest is some one with alias “arb_2017”
        I am afraid someone might be aiming to hurt the sanctity of this site, the one website which has been the most authentic one , or to put in right words the real law school for law students.
        Using name of a former SC udge is just outrageous


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