The full story is on Legally India HERE. Snippets below:

Several months ago the administration attracted the ire of a group of students who had sent a petition requesting its faculty body to intervene in the administration’s current, allegedly heavy-handed security measures, including searches of students and heavy fines for violations.


Kumar said: “We are a residential university in Sonepat with just outside where the campus is [there being] complete darkness. People have come from across the country, sometimes across the world. Security measures have multiple objectives. When any security causes inconvenience to anybody […] in that context it becomes essential to figure out what is the best way to deal with it.”


Campus security also includes breath analyser tests (a student refusing a test would be a disciplinary offence), campus surveillance by a battery of close to 100 cameras and two guards sitting in a tower to keep an eye on movements throughout campus.”


Several students and faculty sources recounted one student account that claimed security guards had carried out a search of a student and his dorm room for drugs, with the student wearing only a towel.

Kumar said that security guards could only enter rooms accompanied by a concerned warden and that there “are different narratives” such events – “obviously there was an exaggeration of the person” and “protocols were followed”.

The full story is on Legally India HERE.

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