Pre-Invite: Jindal Global University’s Cultural Fest ‘Biswamil 2015’ [Oct 9-11]

In continuance to JGU’s persistent efforts towards the wholesome development of every individual, the student body organizes a grand cultural fest, ‘Biswamil’, which is to be held from 9th-11th October, 2015.

‘Biswamil’ is a colloquial term for the 20th milestone, signifying our location, which is 20 miles from the capital city of New Delhi. Every University has a distinctive cultural setting, and our location on the outskirts of N.C.R. puts us in a microcosm of Indian rural life, with its rustic charm and local flavor.


Biswamil 2015 intends on bringing the charm, fervour, and mirth of a mela, to make the fest as joyful and colourful as one of the thoroughly enjoyed local fairs.

The events and competitions will centre around the theme, bringing in nothing but the kind of delight which leaves an impact for a lifetime.


Biswamil’15 will have a plethora of events, ranging from literary to musical, with opportunities for anyone with ways with the paintbrush, and also for anyone who can tap their feet to the rhythm of the music with the grace and elegance of a ballerina dancer.

Some of the proposed events are Theatre Competition, Fashion Show, Street Football And 3-A-Side Basketball, Gully Cricket, Jindal Global University Quiz Competition, Hackathon, Gaming Tournament (Fifa & Counter Strike), Battle Of Bands, Photo Hunt And Short Films Category, Dance Events, Tug Of War, Frisbee Competition, etc.

With a footfall of more than 800 students from all over India and also from across the border, we plan Biswamil’15 to break the barriers, and set new standards for cultural events at an international level.


  1. Raghu Vinayak Sinha
    E-mail:; +91-9051263510
  2. Nisha Raman
    E-mail:; +91-8053459429
  3. Shiva Tokas
    E-mail:; +91-9958598377

Expect Biswamil’15 to be bigger, better and more rewarding than any other cultural event. So come one come all!

UPDATE: The documents related to the fest can be accessed HERE.


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