Call for Submissions: JILS Blog by NUJS Students: Rolling Submissions

The Journal of Indian Law and Society (JILS), a bi-annual peer reviewed journal [ISSN: 2277-5552] of interdisciplinary studies on law and society in India, run by the students of the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences.

We are currently accepting submissions for our blog on a rolling basis. Entries should be mailed to with the subject, “Submission for the Blog”.

Entries should not exceed 1500 words in length and should be footnoted using the NUJS Law Review Citation standard or the SILC.

Owing to the inter-disciplinary nature of the journal, we shall not be accepting entries which are purely legal analyses. The entries must showcase a predominant interface between law and the society.

You can see our prior published works on this website.


For resolving any queries you may mail or contact Sarath Ninan Mathew at +919447042844.


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