Internship Experience @ Janaagraha, Bangalore: Visit schools and help needy students


Ankit Chandra


Janaagraha, Bangalore

Team Strength: 50+

Application Process

It ain’t that tough to get through the application process, but since I was doing it for part time it was quite tough to get through.

I sent them a mail on there email id:- and they got back to me in 24 hours and informed me for an interview few days after and an interview process went through.


28th February, 2015 to 31st March, 2015

First Day

Its a huge office situated at the exact center of the Bangalore city, our mentor explained us the work and provided us with the data base and internet access (you cannot use facebook and whatsapp with their server).

Main tasks

We were working on an project of Janaagraha Applied Research Programme which involved PURE Delhi survey result analysis preparing a report on it and also worked with an Canadian long term intern who was a part of bala janaagraha, child section of the ngo, which involved going to school and helping needy students in different way.

Work environment

Work was little tough as we have less hour to work for so we took the work home sometime.

People were good as its a big office so interacting with every one was quite difficult in a month.

Being a big office one gets coffee/tea/green tea at regular interval keeping you enthusiast.

Best things

This was my first non legal internship so learned a lot of ground level work.

Bad things

We actually applied for the advocacy team but since there was no vacancy at that time they made us join the research team.



Biggest Lessons

Janaagraha belives that development of India lies in there cities, this thing was little difficult for me to accept and they worked really hard on this which make one more active and punctual for work.

Any thing else

The coffee is great in there and being the center of city one can easily get many things to chill out.


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