By Samiha Dabholkar, ILS Pune

Duration- 2 weeks, September 2015

Location-Hutup, Jharkhand

For all those people looking for an NGO to work with, YUWA is the place!

In 2009, a Harvard grad Minnesotan came to India and started this outstandng effort for the girls of villages in Jharkhand.

Yuwa combats social issues like child marriage, gender inequality, lack of opportunities for girls, etc through education and football.

In 2013, the YUWA football team grabbed eyeballs internationally when they stood third at one of the biggest women’s football tournaments in Spain.

The website is HERE.

The Facebook Page is HERE.

The people are amazing, the kids are stars! They’re going to have you hooked on to them from Second 1.

It’s a great escape from the city life. You’re surrounded by picturesque rice fields and hillarious Jharkhandi boards.

Its an extremely fulfilling experience, realising how much and how easily you can give back to society.

Your job will entail teaching the kids (basics of ENglish, Math, etc), if you’re a football person, you could assist the coaches, other PR etc work you might be interested in.

Perks of the job- you get to play every evening at the most scenic football field ever!

And I promise you’ll have fantabulous weekends.

Safety is not an issue at all.

There is a super tiffin service to take care of your lunch and dinner.

Only requirement is: You should be adaptive/flexible, creative (not artistically, but generally) and ready for some massive loving by the kids! Being enthusiastic definitely helps!


They are pretty prompt with their replies.

I can guarantee you will have some unforgettable times here.

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