Internship Experience @ Your Help Line, Mumbai: Draft MOUs, Learn the Basics of Arbitration

Name of The Organisation

Your Help Line

Name, College, Year

Asmita Gupta, Government Law College, Mumbai, 4th year.

Application Process with Contact Details

As requisition posted on the Lawctopus, I mailed my CV to

Also the parent organization is M/s. Comoditrad International; who represents some foreign companies, to whom professional services are rendered by this company.


1st to 30th December 2015.


10:30- till 6:00 PM depend on work. In case of important lecture at college late reaching to office was allowed.

First Impression

The place is quite cool. Though there are two cabins, but doors are always open to easily interact with seniors. The office is well equipped with all basic amenities and dress code is not given any importance.

Main Task

To refer ongoing case papers, documents and annexures to understand fundamental of Court formalities i.e. how preamble of case is presented by the complainant, opposite / defendant’s reply, written submission etc.

Also to search any relevant judgment passed by any Hon’ble court to use at citation.

At the very first week I had an opportunity to attend preadmission hearing of a case before the Hon’ble Mumbai High Court regarding transfer of an Arbitration Appeal to Original side.

Work Environment

I found this as a contented place to work as you are given free hand as well us guidance from seniors at the office.

The people over here are warm and nice.

During my tenure, I worked on one Criminal case’s preparation with gist of case and all documents to be sent to the advocate.

My immediate job was to type lengthy documents of briefs along with relevant supporting documents etc., to be sent to Senior Advocates for case filings, for this task continuously senior most of the office has always an eye on my and others’ computers.

Also, as Your Help Line take up on professional terms drafting of Property related documents i.e. Sell / Purchase, Leave and License Agreement, Gift of Property etc., which involves basic information on Stamp Duty and Registration formalities.

I got opportunity to prepare initial draft of M.O.U., for Sell / Purchase of residential flat and preliminary correspondence with concern housing society.

Moreover, the parent organization M/s. Comoditrad International Pvt. Ltd., is acting as Arbitrator for Agricultural Commodities’ Contractual disputes.

Though I had no more scope to get involved in the field, but having got scope to read some correspondence and listening conversions, I got to know some basis idea about how an Arbitrator works as a natural identity.

Best Things

Enjoy your work along with freedom of any time Tea or Juice, Snacks etc which is always made available for free consumption by the team at the office.

Bad Things

Nothing at all as bad thing in this office. It is hoped for any new comer / intern for this office that prevailing environment and sprit continues.


I have been paid very reasonable amount of stipend.

Generally the same is paid according to your work, aptitude to learn and pickup working style of the office.

Experience is not important for this office but important is given how you transfers yourself and get molded with this offices’ workings culture and style.

Best Lesson

In this office, if you have queries ask and clear your doubts, make your facts clear and learn as much as you can.

And yes you have though not formal but be alert and attentive.

Any Other Thing

In addition to legal issues, there are many information available on human relationship and maintain bonds with others.

Working here really helps in learning practical experience and it enlightens your knowledge about legal world, efforts to settle any legal tangle amicably which finally helps to improve your skills.


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