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At the end of my second year, I interned for a month with the Mumbai office of Wadia Ghandy & Co. Being my first internship in the Corporate law area, I was pretty apprehensive and thanks to the all that anxiety, I tried my best to find out about the firm and the work culture.

Everyone who I met who had interned there before had a good word to say and so with all the positive feedback, I managed to calm down for my first day at work.

Logistics: The office is located in the Fort area and luckily, I had my friend living nearby so logistics weren’t a problem. (But my co-interns were living in hostels around the place. I can try finding out the names and other relevant information if anybody wants!)

On the first day, Ms. Bindi Dave, Partner in charge of internships met all the interns in the Board room and briefed us on the history of the firm and also asked us what we expected from our internship. After taking down our preferences, she assigned us all to different teams.

I was assigned to the Private Equity team under Fariyal ma’am and she was a great support. She always explained what was required to be done before handing down any work. She was always smiling and I never saw her angry in my one-month stint there.

Thumbs-up: A great work environment. The partners and the associates are very approachable and friendly. There’s enough work to keep you busy at all times. So +1 on that. I mainly had to deal with a lot of research work. Time-lines were fixed and so that kept me on my toes.

If you really want to work and learn, this place is great to be. The timings aren’t rigid, so that’s another good thing. You are allowed to leave once you’re done with your work. Usually post 7.30 pm. Although work kept me busy and I managed to leave only by 9 pm on most days.

One great thing that caught my notice here is the buffet system lunch arranged for all. The entire office had lunch together including the interns. Plus you could also have tea or coffee whenever you wanted.

Thumbs-down: Nothing that I can really think of. Maybe just that little bit of proof reading those bulky long agreements which I was given towards the end (!) On a whole, with a great working atmosphere, it’s a great place to intern. I’d definitely recommend it to all.

For internships, you can mail in your resumes to They are usually quick to reply though a regular follow-up is a must!

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  1. do they take 2nd years? and we dont hav corporate law as a subject in 2nd year, so is it difficult to complete the tasks given by dem if u hav nt studied corporate law as yet ?

  2. dear anonymous, please share the name and contact numbers of the hostels nearby ASAP!!! I have an internship there in october… 🙂

  3. How long before the internship did u apply? Usually law firms are very apprehensive about taking 2nd years..Dint Wadia Ghandy have any problem as such?

  4. This is a fantastic way to spread information on legal internships in india. Law internships have till now been under screcy. Great way to make lawyer and law firm internships availble to all law students. keep it up!


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