Internship @ Wadia Ghandy & Co, Bangalore: Productive Environment | Rated 8.5/10 | No Stipend

Name, Year, College:

Ashish Patel, 4th Year BBA LL.B (H), National Law University Odisha, Cuttack

Name of the Organisation, City, Office Address, Location:

Wadia Ghandy & Company,  15-16, Vayudooth Chambers, 9th Floor, Near-Kids Kemp, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka Tel. 080 4123 3127. The office of Wadia Ghandy & Co. is situated at one of the very posh and official area of Bengaluru i.e. M.G. Road. You can behold the beauty of Oberoi and Taj Hotel from the office of Wadia Ghandy.

How was the office? Team Strength:

The Office of Wadia Ghandy & Co is spread over one floor and it is well furnished and decorated. When you enter into the office, you will find a very fancy and stylish big glass and leather sofas to sit. This gives an elegant look to the office. Separate offices are provided to the Partners and Senior Associates whereas Associates work in the allotted open furniture partitioned Space.

There is a kitchen and a store room where if you open the door, you will not find anything but files and files. There is one conferencing room equipped with all the necessary technical instruments and one dining room.

The library of Wadia Ghandy & Co. is well-equipped with the books of Corporate Laws, Arbitration, taxation, Property laws (including local property laws), FEMA, Partnership Laws, FDI etc.

The Bengaluru office is small in workforce compare to Mumbai office. In Bengaluru office, when I was interning, I found 1 Partner, 4-5 Senior Associates and 7 Associates. During my internship duration, the Partner of Bengaluru office was travelling out of India so I did not find sufficient opportunities to interact with him.

Duration of Internship:

1St May 2014 – 28th May 2014.

Application Procedure, Internship Contact Details:

I applied personally by sending a mail at 

Mr. Rohan Kumar is an associate in the Wadia Ghandy. But during my internship, the internship relating work was shifted from Rohan to another associate Ms. Monisha Dsouza. So if you want to apply in Wadia Ghandy & Co. Bengaluru office, shoot a mail with attractive cover letter and CV at

 Follow up is must in case of procuring an internship in Wadia Ghandy. One needs to apply well in advance say 4-5 months prior to your desired time period for internship. I can tell you this because I have my personal experience relating to rejection of my application on this very ground.

Although I have already done my one internship in Wadia Ghandy Bengaluru in May, but when I applied again in Bengaluru office for internship in December 2014, they rejected my application because I applied in August and till that time, all the slots were filled. So you being a former internee will not help you to get an internship in Wadia Ghandy if you don’t apply well in advance.

After shortlisting your application, the Associate will ask you whether you are still available during the preferred time period mentioned in the application. If yes, then the Associate will schedule your telephonic interview. In telephonic interview, interviewer asks most of the questions relating to your last internships and your area of interests.

I gave my interview when I was purchasing goods from Reliance Fresh. After interview, Interviewer will either confirm or reject your internship at that very moment. In my case, his reply was positive, which gave me a kick and as a result one ceramic coffee cup was broken due to my overt act of showing my happiness and I had to pay for that unnecessarily.

Duration in Weeks, Days of work per week, timing:

My internship duration at Wadia Ghandy was 4 weeks, starting from 1st may 2014 to 28th May 2014. You have to do atleast 3 weeks internship there.

Wadia Ghandy works 6 days in a week except first and third Saturdays. However the timing of second and fourth Saturdays are flexible and one can also leave the office by 5:00 PM.

The interns are expected to reach at the office till 10:00 AM and you can extend this timing max to max 11:00 AM in certain situations. If you come after 11:00 AM, possibilities are high that you are scolded and if no one observes you, then thanks to god for saving you.

 Interns can leave the office by 7:00 PM but you can also be asked to stay back if you are engaged with an associate who has to complete his work by that very night. I stayed beyond 7:00 PM many a times for completing the work load allotted to me.

First impression, First Day, Formalities:

I was very excited at my first day. The day before joining for internship I searched the area where the office is situated so that I could reach the office well before the time. In formal dress up, I sat my foot at the floor of Wadia Ghandy office at 9:45 AM. Receptionist told me to wait for minutes because the associate who was in charge of Internship affairs had not come.

Since it was my first day, I was little bit under fear and intimidated. When the concerned associate came, she introduced me with all the work force of the Wadia Ghandy.

The day when I joined the Wadia Ghandy as an intern, just one day before I read in LegallyIndia HERE that one of the Wadia Ghandy Bengaluru associate has been promoted to the post of senior associate. So I congratulated her for her promotion. I could not meet the Partner because he was travelling out of India. So all I can say that the first day was in my favour.

There was no intern except me when I joined the firm. Receptionist showed me the place where I had to sit and she provided me a computer, telephone connection, required e-mail ids and internet login ids. She also gave me required stationery.

Main tasks:

The main task which is given to an intern in Wadia Ghandy is research work. What I found in the initial days of my internship is that, you have to approach the Associates for work.

There are possibilities that initially you don’t get any work but later on time comes when you don’t get time to complete the allotted work. What I observed there is that, you have to create a confidence or trust in the associate that you are capable enough to complete the work.

Associates used to give me work relating to the corporate and commercial laws. I researched on various laws such as SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, SEBI (Alternative Investment Fund) Regulations, Assets Reconstruction, Reduction of share capital, and Financial Conduct Authority etc.

Apart from Corporate law, I researched on Karnataka Land and Properties laws, Contract Laws, Partnerships laws and Indian Trust act. I worked in a litigation team as well where I accompanied one of the associates in a meeting with Company Law expert for advice on an issue relating to the Board Meeting of a company.

Sometime Associates give you the work such as summarising various agreements and deeds. Since these agreements are very lengthy hence one used to feel low after a moment of time. This work becomes enjoyable when you read the agreement of big MNCs and Companies.

In Wadia Ghandy, you will always be connected with other offices of the firm as well. So there are possibilities that an Associate of Mumbai office can allot work to an intern of Bangalore office. This did not happen with me but my co-interns had to do work for other offices as well. If you have no work then an associate can ask you to prepare a draft on the latest SEBI circulars, notifications and press release.

Work Environment and People:

The people of Wadia Ghandy were very friendly, humble, energetic and approachable. Whenever I approached them, they gave me a positive response except one time when I asked about the work to an associate when he was on phone. I accept my mistake.

Wadia Ghandy has policy that they provide free lunch to its people and interns. However the Associates and Partner eat lunch first and then all the interns sit together for lunch. However on Saturday you can order anything and the firm will pay for that.

I worked most of the time for female Associates and only once or twice any male Associate gave me any work. The Associates of Wadia Ghandy Bengaluru are very encouraging. I committed certain mistakes like I mentioned wrong amount as a fine under the Information Technology Act for an offence but Associate did not scold me and gave me a chance to correct myself.

I want to give you a suggestion that if you don’t know anything about any legal propositions just say No and don’t try to beat around the bush because they are very intelligent and smart mind people.

The Associates and Senior Associates of Wadia Ghandy enjoy a lot and they use to take a 10-15 minutes break after certain moment of time. When I was interning, there was a birthday of an Associate and we had a very tasty piece of cake.

The Best Things:

The best things of Wadia Ghandy office are;

a) They provide very testy and healthy lunch and apart form that you will get tea/coffee.

b) All the facilities such as well configured computer, Telephone connection, personal Wadia Ghandy intern id, internet login ids,  and required stationery are provided by the office. They also provide access to the necessary research database such as Manupatra etc.

c) The working environment is very enthusiastic. Apart from the Associates of the office, I learnt many things from my co-interns who were from other NLUs. During the lunch we used to chat about each other’s college activities and individual performance specially internships, moots, and papers.

d) No restriction on using the printers and photo copy machine. You can print as many pages you want.

e) They allow you to being a part of conference with other advocates. Associate may take you with him/her for court visit.

f) They most of the time give you healthy work and not monotonous work.

g) You can take a break whenever you want and no one will ask you if you are not doing any work during that period.

h) The Wadia Ghandy office is flexible on out timing. You can leave the office even prior to 7:30 PM. But as far as I know, benefit of such flexibility in timing can be taken by interns only.

i) If you have no work then associates of other offices may also allot you some work provided you are willing to complete such work.

j) Location of the office is rich and you can find many Restaurants, Hotels, Malls and Café etc. around the office.

The Bad Things:

Like there are always two sides of a coin, indeed there are certain bad things prevalent in the office of wadia ghandy such as;

a) The office does not have subscription of sufficient Newspapers. They have subscribed only one Newspaper and that is also a Business Newspaper.

b) I did not have any interaction with the partners and senior associates of the firm.

c) Sometime no Associates had any work to give you. During that time you will have no other options but to surf the internet. However Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites are blocked and you can also not access you tube.

d) Wadia Ghandy does not give stipend to its interns.

However the good things of the Wadia Ghandy office fulfil all your expectation from a firm and such few bad things do not matter at the end of the internship.


Wadia Ghandy Bengaluru does not give any stipend to its interns. However one of my co-interns, who had earlier done her internship in Mumbai office of Wadia Ghandy told me that Mumbai office provides Gift Cards but no such policy was there in Bengaluru Office.

But all I can say for showing coolness is that, at the end of the day, work and learning matters and not money [but you expect at least certain amount of money anyhow].


I stayed in a PG in Chinnappa Garden, Banson Town, Bengaluru. It was around half an hour journey from Banson town to M.G. Road. You can find buses and autos frequently in that route. However if you leave the office around 9:00 PM, it would be difficult to find buses.

Restaurants and food stalls are less in number in Chinnappa garden, so you may face the difficulty of getting food near that area. However there are many PGs available near the office in the area of Indira Nagar and Metro is also available in that route.

What did you do to chill?

Since lunch is served in the office itself so we did not find any difficulty relating to food. However in the evening I, along with my co-intern used to go to Juice centre or Idli Bada Sambhar restaurant to do our evening snacks. I would say that there was no deep interaction among the interns and hence we did not chill out together as such.

Possibilities of PPO:

Since I have interned only once in Wadia Ghandy and by their expression and expectation of work, I think that it would be a hard nut to crack to get PPO there.

There was a co-intern of mine who had done her 3 internships in Wadia Ghandy earlier and she also told me that the Associates are not willing to give her PPO even after her past experiences with Wadia Ghandy.



For 3rd and 4th Year students, this internship will be very useful.


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