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Internship at, Chennai

Name of the intern: Asis Panda and Advait Nair, NLSIU Bangalore, 2nd year

Process of application: We sent in our Curriculum Vitae to the concerned person, They took a few days to process our applications and get back to us.

Duration/timings: 4 weeks. 6 days a week. 10 am to 6 pm

First impression: Vakilsearch was started by an alumnus of NLSIU, Mr Hrishikesh Datar. We realised on the first day itself that he meant business and it was not gonna be a ‘casual internship’ We were asked to help in drafting of a couple of agreements on the first day itself.

Our superiors at Vakilsearch were very cooperative and made sure that we were comfortable with the work.

Main tasks: At the Vakilsearch internship we were chiefly asked to help in drafting of various kinds of documents including but not limited to Partnership Agreements, Legal notices, Rental Agreements, Terms of Services and MoUs. Our other tasks revolved around procedural requirements of the law, such as filing of Trademark Applications and preparation of Company Incorporation forms.

Work environment: Not once did we feel like we were working with our bosses. On the first day itself we started feeling as if we were part of the ‘Vakilsearch team’ and working  for ‘us’ instead of ‘them’. We did a get to learn a lot over the course of our internship.

Best things: We got to learn a lot about the internal workings of a web-based start up. Other than honing our drafting skills, we also learnt about marketing and client counselling. It was a hard core legal internship which enabled us to learn about the intricacies of drafting and legal documentation.

Bad things: You are not required to leave the office room while working at Vakilsearch. While it might seem enticing in Chennai especially during summers but it could get monotonous at times. The work load can get overwhelming at times, but the superiors will always be ready to help you.

Stipend: Rupees 4k [The company clarified this with us]

Rating: 9/10

Other things: It is advisable to undergo a internship at vakilsearch (or any similar company) during your first two years at law school. It might encourage you take alternate routes after graduation. It is not a traditional internship and is perhaps the only place you can have this experience, that of an online legal service, as of now.

The Vakil Search website is here. An interview of Mr. Hrishikesh Datar, the founder, is here.

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  1. Why rating 9/10?.
    I will give: -10/10
    I think you know better than vakil search

  2. Hello Asis,
    Your description of the internship created my interest in interning with, but I have one query. You said that your main tasks were chiefly to help in drafting various kinds of documents including Partnership Agreements, Legal notices, Rental Agreements, Terms of Services and MoUs, filing of Trademark Applications and preparation of Company Incorporation forms.

    I wonder if it would be appropriate to intern with them after completion of 1st year(having only studied Law of Torts, Contracts, and The Constitution), not having the apt knowledge of the said tasks. If not, then which year is the ideal to intern with them?


  3. Hi.

    Could you please fix the link for Mr. Datar’s interview?
    When you click it you are routed to the vakilsearch website instead.


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