Internship Experience @ UNUC Legal LLP, New Delhi: Cordial Interaction with Superiors

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Uma Shanmugab Priyaa, M.

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

UNUC Legal LLP, South Extension Part-II, New Delhi

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To apply, you must send your resume along with a cover letter to

Duration of internship and timings

5th November, 2014 – 5th December, 2014.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was asked to report to the chambers of Adv. Pawan Upadhyay near the Supreme Court. However since I didn’t have an Intern’s pass to enter the Supreme Court I was given certain case files to read for that day.

I was asked to report to the office in South Extension the next day at 10 a.m.

The office in South Ex. is well-equipped and you are provided your own computer and desk to work on in case you do not wish to bring your laptop along. I was introduced to my fellow interns and assigned a case file to read and find a relevant case law for.

Main tasks

I was assigned case briefs to read and look up relevant case laws for. After which I was to write short case notes on the issue at hand. While any doubts I might have had were promptly cleared by the associates, there was no hand-holding involved which was both frightening, since this was my first internship and thrilling because these were ‘my’ cases to work on.

I would also draft summary letters, petitions and letters to the Commissioner of Police at times. When the hearings for the cases I had drafted notes for came up, I was required to attend the sessions at the Court.

Work environment and people

The work environment was fairly relaxed and made me feel at ease within a couple of days in spite of me being very, very apprehensive about my first internship. the associates and fellow interns are really friendly and will never dismiss any doubts you might come to them with.

Advocate Upadhyay himself is a very genial and will often sit down for a chat with the interns, sharing stories about what life as a lawyer is like. The associates would also take time out and talk to us and give us some really pertinent advice.

Best things

The friendly atmosphere in the office is bound to make any intern feel comfortable. Also, during lunch we were served some truly amazing food ordered from a nearby restaurant.

I certainly plan on going back to those restaurants someday.

Bad things

There were times when you were not assigned any work and you would have to go and request some lest you be left idle.



Biggest Lessons

I learnt what it means to work in a professional atmosphere where deadlines might not be emphasized but are no less important for that, where friendly, cordial interaction with your superiors and is just as important as being on time and prompt with your work.

Any Other Thing

It was an enriching experience in every sense of the word and I certainly wouldn’t mind interning again at UNUC Legal.


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