Internship Experience @ Universal Legal, Chennai: Acquired New Skills, Fulfilling Experience

Name of the intern


Name of the organization. City

Universal Legal, Chennai.

Team strength

There were approximately fifteen people including the administration staff, headed by two partners.

First day experience

I was first introduced to everyone in the office and then I was allotted a desk  with a separate computer to work on and was given work almost immediately.

Main tasks

I was given both research work as well as work related to summarizing agreements and comparing documents through which I can definitely say that I learnt and acquired many new skills.

Work Environment

The people are extremely friendly and approachable and always willing to clarify doubts, they also express their appreciation and encourage you for work done.

They were very cordial and at the same time made me realize the importance of finishing  work on time.

Overall Experience

I enjoyed doing the work that was allotted to me and on the whole it was a very fulfilling experience.


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