Internship @ Udwadia Udeshi & Argus Partners, Kolkata: Company Law Research, Proofreading, No Stipend

(1)   Name, College, Year of study

Roumita Dey.

Jogesh Chandra Choudhuri College of  Law(affiliated to Calcutta University), Kolkata(India).

Fifth  Year(9th Semester).

(2) Name of  the organisation, City, Office Address, How  was the office? Team strength :-

Udwadia Udeshi & Argus Partners


238 B, A J C Bose Road, Minto Park, Kolkata – 700020.

The office is situated in the Second Floor of the building and is  quite spacious  with a separate work station for every intern and a Conference Room cum Library.

There were 4 Associates  in the Corporate Team of UUA which was headed by one partner. The litigation team consisted of  1 Associate and was headed by another partner.

(3) Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings:-

1st April to 30th April, 2014. (1 month)

5 days a week, 10.00 am to 7 pm.

Interns could leave at 7pm if your work is over. On very rare occasions I stayed back a little longer but it never exceeded beyond 8 pm. So, timings are fairly followed.

We work 5 days a week leaving your weekends free to explore Kolkata or to catch up on sleep. The timing  at UUA is strictly followed for the Interns.

(4)  Application Procedure? Internship Contact Details:-

I applied through emails. You don’t have to follow up a lot as because they don’t have HR. If they like your CV you will get a confirmation mail from them.

I sent  my Curriculum Vitae with good  Cover Letter  in an email-id  at

‘’Most people from Kolkata want to intern at this firm since it is one of the few good Corporate  Law  firm in the city. So, it is important to apply in advance.’’ 

(5) Accommodation:-

Accommodation was not an issue as I live in Kolkata. However, for outsiders, there are plenty of Paying Guests and Hostels available near Exide Crossing, Hazra Crossing, Chowringhee Road, Park Street and in other main areas.

(6)   First impression, First day, formalities etc :-

Interns  do  sit separately. I was given a seat amongst the Associates and introduced to everyone by an Associate. I believe this really strengthened the bond between the associates and the interns.

Thereafter, the IT head described me  the rules about the Library access and computer access and within the next 30 mintues I had my first assignment.

(7)  Main Tasks:-

I worked with both Corporate and Litigation Team and assigned good quality work by them. Major tasks in the firm involved Research work, proofreading and typing work sometimes.

The work in the Corporate Team mainly assigned by the Principal Associate of the firm to the interns. He is a nice person and always  ready to solve any query at any time. He assigned me couple of  interesting assignments through out my internship.

During my UUA  internship, I mainly researched on the following topics which are described below:- 

1. Researched  on  The Companies Act , 2013 and prepared a note on the recent notified sections.

2. Researched on  The West  Bengal  Municipal (Building) Rules, 2007 ; The West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950 and  prepared a  note on  the approvals  required for  the construction of a  building  in West Bengal in a  municipal area.

3. Researched on the Competition laws and  proofread the  recent judgements  given by the Tribunal.

4. Researched  on  the Transfer of  Property Act, 1882.

5. Researched on the  Comparison between  Companies Act, 1956 and Companies Act, 2013. Prepared a  chart on it.

6. Researched on the  various circumstances when  ‘’Settlement Deed’’  is executed.

7. Researched on  the Workmen’s  Compensation Act,1923 and  mainly  researched on the  relationship between Principal employer and Contractor.

8. Drafted few clauses  of   ‘’Memorandum of Association of a Company’’.

9. Made  a  presentation on  SARFAESI  ACT  to the Corporate Team  and  researched on  DRT Act, Banking Regulation  Act, Transfer  of  Property  Act  and  related  other  laws  for  presentation.

‘’One thing you need to do at UUA internship is to make a Corporate  presentation to the  ‘’Corporate Team’’ on any topic at the end of the  internship. The Associates  will  throw  tricky questions to the interns just to make them nervous, which I don’t like at all…..’’

(8)Work Environment, people:-

In my opinion, the work environment was brilliant. The Associates are  so much  fun and they do not treat you like an intern. The people are very nice and it is not possible for anyone to get bored in this office. Specially, the Principal Associate  was  very humble and approachable. He is a fun guy among others who likes to interact with the interns specially.

(9) Best things?

The best thing about the internship was the nature of work and excellent work environment. The Associates  always make the interns feel very comfortable within the Firm while working and  even they will chat with you while you had less work or during lunch hours.

The office boys are also very nice and helpful and you are provided with coffee/tea twice a day.

(10) Bad things?

No such bad things I have noticed.

(11) What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues :-

The firm is located in a very nice part of the city, close to Exide Crossing(Rabindra Sadan Metro Station) which is a nice area with good eating joints and many cheap restaurants are there too for hangout or spicy lunch etc.

 I had two co-interns that time, so most of the days I used to go out and had lunch with my co-interns.

(12)Stipend/ month :-


(13) Anything else you’d like to tell :-

The  UUA(Kolkata)  internship was a very enriching experience for me. I learnt a lot about law just by researching. There  were  helpful associates who helped me  in most of the Assignments. The internship opened my eyes to practical, ground-work. Overall a good learning experience.

(14)Biggest lessons:-

‘’Don’t hesitate to ask for work. One should go and give his/her best shot and rock the Internship.’’


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