Name. College. Year of Study.


Organisation. Location. Team strength.

Tomy Sebastian & Associates, Bangalore. 10 co-interns.

Application process with contact Details.

Through Lawctopus.

You will find the contact details HERE. (Ctrl+F Tomy Sebastian).

Duration. Timings.

21 days (June, 2015). Normal office time. No time pressure.

First impression. First day formalities. Infrastructure.

Formal clothes. Short discussion with the internship co-ordinator. Tomy Sebastian’s office infrastructure is not good. It’s a small office.

Main Tasks.

Mainly research work. Basic drafting

Work environment. People.

Laid back work environment. No hardship. Friendly people all around.

Best Things.

Unlimited research works. Basic drafting sessions.

Bad Things.

No wifi. No challenging work. Food is the main problem.



Biggest Lessons.

Get acquainted with legal research work.

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