Internship Experience @ Tihar Jail, New Delhi: Couldn’t Visit the Prison Due to Security Concerns at the Time {S}

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID


Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Tihar Jail, New Delhi

Application Process

Directly visited the admin office.

Duration of internship and timings

1 week.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On first day there was some lecture going on for the other interns. I was made to sit along with them.

Main tasks

The tasks should have been visiting the prisons and talking to them and all that, but nothing of that sort happened. There was some security concern when I interned and so my chance of visiting the prison vanished.

Due to security reasons, prison visits were stopped. So I just used to go, sit, observe and come back.

Work environment and people

The work environment was good and the people were nice.

Best things

I’m sure interacting with the prisoners would have been something new and interesting.

Bad things

Due to security concerns, I could not meet the prisoners in person.




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