Internship Experience @ Advocate, Supreme Court, New Delhi: Learnt that the uniform must be respected

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Ashima Jain, Law College Dehradun, 2nd Year

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Supreme Court of India

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15th June – 15th July, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

When it comes to infrastructure, I was amazed by the Central wing of the building of the SC which symbolise scales of justice.

Formalities included the letters of recommendation and bonafide signed by the Head of the University.

Main tasks

Drafting work


Case studies

Work environment and people

The people there were very co-operative. I got to learn a lot many things.

Best things

It has been a wonderful experience working under such a renowned advocate.

Working in the apex court is a matter of pride in itself and I’m glad I received this opportunity.

The thing that inspired me the most is the conduct followed there and the clear instinct of the advocates towards their cases.

Bad things

In this field, a lot of manipulations are done and sometimes the people misuse their powers.

Also, there is pendency of cases due to which justice is delayed.



Biggest Lessons

It is more a question of finding a way to earn a living rather than resume building.

It also made me learn that the uniform which the law students have been gifted with is a pride for every law student and he/she must know to respect it.


I stayed in my home.

Good PGs are available at a reasonable price.

Office Timings

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

The timings were not that strict.


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