Internship Experience @ Subhash Children Society, Childline, Kanpur: Field Visits to Slums, Schools

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Subhash Children Society, Childline, Kanpur. 9 people

Application Process

I came to know about the NGO through one of my senior at Nirma who had also interned. There’s not a formal application here.

Contact Person : Kamal Kant Tiwari (President) and Vinay Kumar Ojha (Co-ordinator)

Duration of internship and timings

22nd September, 2014 – 22nd October, 2014, covering 150 hours

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The NGO has its main office at Kidwai Nagar, it is a small office. The walls of the office had paintings and drawing made by children, a book shelf with law books and news letter albums. the first day our co-ordinater, Vinay sir introduced us to the work place,and to the people we will be working with.

He explained us the working patterns and hardships which they have to undergo to help people. sir explained us how the things worked on grass root level and soon we had our first hand experience on the same.

Main tasks

Main task was to assist them. We made field visit to central railway station, bus stand, schools, slums, meeting with important personalities of the city. On bus stand and railway station maximum cases were of lost children. Then our team would go to the respective place, collect the child from there, ask to him about his whereabouts and a primary investigation with the people around to get a prima facie of the case, later the child was taken to the nearest police station, a complaint was registered and then he was taken to our subhash home.

Our team then tried to contact to his/her parents or relatives to handover the child to them. if the parents can not be reached within 24 hrs then the child was handed over to CWC. in all this we assisted our team to different places, in writing application forms etc.

Work environment and people

Work environment here was very healthy, people worked enthusiastically and in team spirit.

Best things

The best thing which happened to me here was, coming across those unfortunate innocent souls, and learning from them art of living.

Also I learned how to survive and deal with labyrinth of bureaucracy.

Bad things

The bad thing was pathetic heat strokes of Kanpur.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson working here was, I got an opportunity to closely view the steps and procedures involved from rescuing a child to handing over him in safe hands. also never to mess up with the police officials.


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