Name. College. Year of study.

Garima Bhardwaj. IIIrd Year. Amity Law School, Delhi

Name of the organisation. 

Singh & Singh Advocates, Delhi. Address- F-11 Jangpura Extension, New Delhi- 110014.

The place is 5 minutes away from Jangpura metro station if you take a rickshaw.

It was an internship with one of the best and well-known IPR advocates Ms Prathiba Singh, the Managing director of the firm. Office was in the basement of the building.

Editor’s note: Pratibha M Singh is a ‘wow’ IP advocate.

The office of Singh and Singh Adovocates was not huge but a spacious office with two libraries and a conference room. The firm has three other partners and nearly 10-12 associates.

Duration of Internship.

4 weeks (1s t- 27th July)

Application procedure. Internship contact details 

Mail your CV with a cover letter to Prathiba M Singh at

DO NOT forget to follow up your application and apply at least 3 months before.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

The firm is working on all 6 days. Only second Saturday is a holiday.

The timings are from 9.30-7.30 (no one asks you to stay beyond that unless you wish to complete certain task before leaving).

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

An hour later I got to meet Ms. Prathiba Singh, a cheerful lady, with a strong and impressive voice and lots of enthusiasm for her work.

I reached the office at around 9.15 on the first day.

One of the partners introduced me to some of the associates and other interns. Everyone was kind and nice.

An hour later I got to meet Ms. Prathiba Singh, a cheerful lady, with a strong and impressive voice and lots of enthusiasm for her work.

There were some systems the last room of the office and I was told that the interns are supposed to sit there.

There are two libraries in the office, a conference room and a pantry from where you can have tea or coffee. There is a lunch room too where everyone sits together during the lunch time.

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Pratibha Singh

Main tasks

This is one of those firms that actually has good work to offer to the interns.

Interns are also taken to the court (mostly Delhi High Court) frequently where we were supposed to attend the matters and record the proceedings and later report to the concerned associates (if he/she asks).

In the second half of the day, we were required to do legal research.

These tasks were allotted to us by the associates at Singh and Singh Advocates. The research work was related to copyright, patents, trademarks, designs or geographical indications and was extremely interesting. There was hardly any boring task assigned.

I learned a lot about legal research and drafting.

I was also taken to the court for inspection of documents.

Sometimes, Prathiba maám or the partners themselves used to assign tasks to us and take a report in the evening.

I also attended Client Conference with Maám which was a pretty good experience.

We were also required to read files of the matters for the next day for a better understanding and sometimes prepare case notes of some of the read files.

Work environment, people

The work environment is highly professional yet friendly.

This was my first law firm internship and I was quite afraid after listening to some of my friend’s experiences but this internship proved to be otherwise.

The work environment is highly professional yet friendly.

All the associates (except one or two) were kind and co-operative and some of them were also nice enough to see to it that the interns learn something before leaving.

Almost everyone was approachable for clarification of any doubts.

Some were bossy and rude too, but I got used to, to the attitude in a week’s time.

Overall it can be said that , the work environment is good enough to teach you a professional attitude and a lot about IPR if you are looking forward to work in the IPR world which is so much in demand nowadays.

Best things and Bad things

Getting to see the court proceedings and Maám argue with some of the best known advocates like Mr. Singhvi was a wonderful experience of its own kind.

I knew nothing about IPR but these 4 weeks at Singh & Singh taught me enough to be interested in trademarks and copyright and is also helping me now in my 4th year when I’m studying IPR.

Getting to see the court proceedings and Maám argue with some of the best known advocates like Mr. Singhvi was a wonderful experience of its own kind.

I also got several chances to hear Mr. Jethmalani argue, something I thank this internship for and can never forget.

On a different note, the Delhi High Court canteen food is cheap and tasty and McDonalds is at 5 minutes distance from office and GK market is also nearby! What else do you want!

It gets extremely boring on days you do not get to go to the court because the office is empty and no work leaves you extremely bored. Not a good place to be in the rainy season because the place gets water logged. I got stuck thrice.


Rs.5,000/- per month

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I live in Faridabad which is at an hour’s distance from Jangpura so I used to travel from home. However, there are some good PGs at reasonable rates in nearby places like Lajpat Ngar or GK where one of my co-interns from Patiala stayed.



  1. is there any other contact details apart from email address such as phone no etc so i can contact directly about my internship.

  2. Hey garima ! may I know the contact details of firm . I am in 4 yr I want to join firm in march 2016 after completion of my exams.

  3. Garima hi. I was actually going to intern with them thi. Summer. Iwas hoping if I could have a word with yiu regarding the same. Could you please let me know what your mail id is?
    thank you

  4. Hi! Would you happen to have a phone no. I can call on? Nobody answers to the two contact numbers given on their website!

  5. Hey Garima! Are you sure that the email ID provided by you is spelled correctly? As the name of the concerned female is spelled as Pratibha whereas it is spelled as prathiba in the ID.

    Kindly Revert.

    • Hey Shashank! Yes the email ID has been spelled correctly. The name has been spelled wrongly, sorry for that. Maám writes it as PRATHIBA.


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