Internship @ Sarthak Advocates & Solicitors, Delhi: Regular Work, Great Mentorship

Name of the intern

Shobhit Ahuja

Name of the organisation, Location (city), Team strength

Sarthak Advocates & Solicitors, Greater Kailash New Delhi, 2 Partners & 3 Associates

Application process with contact Details

Send a mail at with a cover letter and well-drafted CV.

Duration, Timings

10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

As soon as you enter the office it feels like someone is saying welcome to the world of corporate affairs.

You have to fill up all your details e.g. name of the college; duration of internship etc. in the register kept at the reception desk and the infrastructure is really great in their new office in Greater Kailash.

Main Tasks

Main task was first to acquaint yourself with the website of SEBI and then finding out the new informal guidance, rules and regulations as per the case.

Don’t dare to expect free time in the office, as regular research work will be provided in diversified area e.g. Indian Trust Act, Transfer of Property Act, and Personal Laws etc.

Most important thing is they will teach you how to frame the legal advice in a particular case.

Work environment, People

Work environment is really great, every one tries to be in the office on time and the same is expected of you, otherwise as a intern get ready for a surprise. And the staff is really helpful including the associates who will help you in every possible way.

Most amazing thing is if you have not studied a particular subject and having problem in understanding it, then partners will personally explain the nuances of the problem.

Best Things

The staff is really helpful throughout the internship and at the last day is amazing where both the Partners will interact with you they will tell you whether they liked your work or not and most importantly how you can improve it.

They will ask you about your future plans and guide you through their experience.

Bad Things

Transportation facility is not good…no walking distance form the metro station or a bus stop…so that is a big cut on your pocket.

Biggest Lessons

Biggest lesson I learnt was how to survive in a corporate world and what a firm expects from you so that now I can focus on it in my remaining 3 years of law school.

Any Other Thing

No stipend but you will have the opportunity to have lunch in a best restaurant in Greater Kailash with Partners and Associates.


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