Internship Experience @ Chambers of Salman Khurshid

Note: Internship experiences on Lawctopus are published unedited.

I am Shovit Singh a second year law student at Campus Law Centre  Delhi university, endeavouring to share my personal observations during a month long internship.

Internship at the chambers of Mr Salman Khurshid (Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India ) certainly bestowed you with an opportunity to become a toast while enjoying the panache of aristocracy which is more than just traditional and ardeous file reading work only.

State of the art office is located at Ferozshah Road which is just walking distance from Mandi house metro station.

Generally 10-15 interns are accommodated for the internship programme. Wherein interns are supposed to report office by 10:00 am and one can make their day end by 06:00 pm ( Monto Sat) but beyond that is the reverence and dedication of the intern only having knack for learning since all the associates are generally available in the evening hrs.

ASSOCIATES – Around 12-14 experienced associates are engaged with the chamber with multifaceted personalities in terms of their areas of expertise and an induction of bunchful young talents also forms a part of invigorating associates team.

One peculiar attribute that I pointed out here is that it’s very difficult to individually guage the Associates in terms of their support and guidance to interns. In one month duration whenever I rushed to any associate for any work or other guidance, found them to be invariably amiable and bonhomie while responding to interns.

Accessibility and availability of every member of the chamber right from associates to other staff is the mellifluous part of the internship programme.

Associates aim is not to ladden the intern with workload but first they cosy up to you for a congenial working environment before entrusting you with work in consonance with one’s area of interest and thus, therefore, worked is assigned accordingly.

Everyday you get work of your taste aiming to Horne one’s skills in their career pursuit by mentoring approach of associates.

Briefings – Sir generally convened briefing with associates after 6:30 pm and the interns are categorically part of it wherein everyday 4-5 interns voluntarily can join after conferring together. Secondly interns working on a particular matter gets to attend the meeting with client and sir with no strings attached.

Salman sir usually convened a meeting with interns once in a 10 days period encompassing two way communication on current issues pertaining to legal arena, social issues, handling individual queries on question of law, discussions on existing matters pending before the court.

Court visits – Regarding court visits all the interns and and associates reach the setalward chamber block located across supreme court by 9:30 am. Here how Salman Khurshid sir kick off his day and then everyone join sir walking down the corridors of SC while one has to weave their way to court rooms.

But don’t worry their are perks too in the haversack of being an intern of Salman sir because generally interns are not allowed to carry cellphones inside court room but when Salman sir is inside court room, it gives you an edge in negotiations with security personnels who eventually end up conceding to your pestering seeking to carry phones inside court rooms with instructions to keep phone turn off.

Stipend and other perks: Generally fixed stipend of 10k is provided to an intern irrespective of their duration ( three or four weeks ) but in fewer instances it stretched out to 20k as well depends on the recognizable contribution made to the chamber.

Lunch, Brunch and fun- With wide open mouth of coffee machine always ready to kill your hunger pangs without haggling and consumption riders.

Free lunch is provided to the interns where we are joined by associates everyday and Salman sir too probably 3- 4 times a week.

Lunch consists of veg and non veg with desserts as complimentaries. I have personally witnessed some voracious interns pouncing and gobbling non veg dishes.

Cons- One may find less drafting work since its a Sr Advocate Chamber so if one is really keen to learn drafting may not join Sr Advocate chamber.

Last but not least it’s a workplace that keeps spattering warmth and augmented hostipality on their interns that perhaps gives you a taste of grandeur; splendour and lusture of the superior judiciary along with a pinch of aristocracy too.

And buzz of various media correspondents hustle for Salman sir interview is every other day affair and witnessing live interviews every once in a while too is an informal part of internship program too.

In a nutshell , while institutions and internships can equip you for your journey and provide you with good shoes, what you achieve is not dependent upon the shoes you wear but the steps you take.

First and last day differential: first day I entered the office with preconceived notion about the advocates to be peckish , dominating , high handedness , snobbish , workaholic but what I gained in a month has changed my perception about advocates life from being their night sky sombre and starless to a new dimension of urbanity , discipline , sober demeanour , generosity and altruism as characteristics that is evidently visible while working with Mr Salman Khurshid.

For internship application one can apply to this email id info[at]chamberofsalmankhurshid[dot]com


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