Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. Team strength.

Saikrishna and Associates (20- 30 associates)

Duration of internship

May -2013

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

Its very difficult to get an internship here without any personal contact.

I applied through my personal contact.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

4 weeks; 5 days /week; 10 AM to 6 PM (one can stay late if he/she has work (rare possibility)

First impression, first day, formalities

On 1st day none of the interns were given work. The reception lady gives a form to be filled which goes to your mentor.

Main tasks

Only and only research work , mainly on IP laws & CPC.

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Work environment, people

At Saikrishna all the co-interns had to bug associates for work. There was no proper channel for assignment of work.

Some days the interns had to sit idle because even after bugging they were not given work. Moreover, there were too many interns.

People are friendly and polite but I couldn’t understand why they were not able give any work. (I wonder if they had any).

The best things AND the bad things

Best Thing- Co-interns

Bad Thing – No work



Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

There are many PGs in nearby sectors.

For Chilling – Spice Mall & GIP Mall are nice place to hang out.

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  1. i totally disagree…it is actually a very good place to learn IP..people are also cooperative and good to interns…its a nice place provided you are keen to work and have an interest in learning.

  2. I don’t think that was the scenario with the work, if your keen enough to work you will have work and good quality and amount of work. i interned there too and it was a pretty good experience.


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