Internship Experience @ Saanvi Nayak Films, Mumbai: Understand Everything from Scratch

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Saanvi Nayak Films, Mumbai

Application Process with contact details

The application process is fairly simple. You only need to send an application for internship to and you will, more likely than not, receive a quick response.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned at Saanvi Nayak Films for a period of 4 weeks starting from 3rd February to 29th February, 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My first day at the office was quite interesting. Initially, I wasn’t sure about the kind of work that I would be required to do during the course of this internship. On the first day, Ria Ma’am explained me the work. I was really excited to start my work there because students of law do not usually get an opportunity to work with production houses.

Their office is on the 8th floor of Ijmima Complex right next to Infinity Mall 2. It is a small office but very strategically designed. The ambiance of the office is really good and something different. This was one on the factors that fascinated me the most.

Main tasks

I interned at Saanvi Nayak Films when they were involved in production work of the movie “Love Shagun”. My main task was related to the various contracts of the production house with the cast and crew of this film. I worked on Music Composer Agreement, Singer Agreement, Lyricist Agreement, Consultant Agreement, Film Distribution Termsheet, etc.

This work was done under the supervision of their Legal Consultant. Working on these agreements made me understand the intricacies of theatre exhibition rights, Copyrights Act, Contracts Act, etc.

Working there made helped me in knowing how the work related to contracts takes place in real life and is not as hunky dory as it seems to be. The kind of work I was made to do there was really interesting as it was something you would never be able to do in a law firm.

Work environment and people

This was the best aspect of the internship. The people at the office were very friendly and a lot of fun. They help you understand everything from scratch. The work environment at Saanvi Nayak Films is really good and, in fact, the best part of the day used to be when all of us used to sit together and have our lunch.

Best things

The best thing were the people in the office. You are given a very high degree of autonomy and you can finish your task in way you prefer and no one will stop you from doing the same as long as your quality of work is good and you finish it in the given time.

Further, you get to know a very different side of the film industry. You also get to meet a lot of celebrities during such an internship. Apart from this, the food street right next to building is the best place to chill in the evenings when you want to takea break from the usual daily routine.

Bad things

No bad things as such.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

I would advice all the law students out there to try and find a different kind of an internship like this. It gives you a very different perspective towards law than the usual law firm work. One should do at least one internship in an industry that is not really law centric but still law plays a very important role in it.

Overall Rating



Even though I stayed at my uncle’s place who also stays in Mumbai, PGs and renting apartments is not a big issue in Mumbai.

Office Timings

You are required to reach the office by 10 a.m. and stay back till around 7 pm.

These timings are quite flexible and any genuine request to change the same will not be dismissed.


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