Internship Experience @ Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur: I saw a non-bollywood high court, Stipend of Rs. 2100

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Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur

Application Process with contact details

I contacted the lawyer through gmail. I asked if I could intern under him. He replied positive. and that is how I gained my first internship experience.

Duration of internship and timings

June – July, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I interned in the Rajasthan high court, Jaipur. Before actually going to the court to see the proceedings, I went to the lawyer’s office for some days under whom I interned.

I went there everyday for about 3 hours. I read cases which the lawyer was handling and was also supposed to help him in finding past judgments and other relevant stuff peculiar to the case. It was a nice experience.

The high court experience was also good. For the first time in life I saw a non-bollywood high court.

Main tasks

To see the proceedings and try to relate to the case that has been read in the office the previous day. Listen to the arguments.

Also learnt to frame reply letters to the court.

Work environment and people

The people were generally helpful.

Best things

The work environment was really conducive to learning.

Also the good infrastructure and well furnished court were a fun place to be in.

Bad things

The court rooms were packed with people sometimes and the judge was not audible.


Rs. 2100/-

Biggest Lessons

That it is not easy to be a lawyer or a judge. Judge is not someone who sits quietly and in the end opens his mouth to deliver the judgment.

He constantly argues with and questions lawyers and sometimes reprimands them too.

I learnt that the court and the lawyers and judges are very different from what we have seen in our beloved bollywood.

At least the lawyers don’t go sunny deol about things in front of the judge, they just can’t.


Stayed at home.

Office Timings

The timings were 10 to 1. Then lunch break.

2:30 to 3:30 again in the court.

5 to 7 in the office.

The timings were not strict.


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