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Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

Punjab State Human Rights Commission
Sco- 20-21-22 Sector 34-A,

The building was just like how state offices are. But luckily the training room was on the third floor and a well designed conference room was used for the interns. It had a huge conference table and nice office chairs. The conference room had AC’s which worked most of the time!

Our team had around 35 interns. The training staff comprised of three members. The interns and the staff were very nice and interactive.

Duration of internship

20 june to 20 july

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

The application procedure was very simple. The documents required were CV, ID card and a letter from the Head Of the Department of College.

These were to be sent to

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

We had to go to office regularly for two weeks. Five days in a week.

The timings were 10 A.M to around 4.30 P.M. However, the timings were flexible and subject to change according the work given. We had 50 minutes break time.

First impression, first day, formalities

The first impression was great! The training room was nice with working AC’s. The co-interns were interactive and the staff was also very cooperative.

The first day was full of fun and work given was very enjoyable! We got to learn about Human Rights in the the pre-lunch session and we also had an open paper test on human rights.

The after lunch session was about the working of PSHRC. We were given dummy cognizance papers to work on, followed by a discussion of the same.

There were no formalities.

Main tasks

Our tasks were different everyday. In the initial days we were only given sample papers to work on. We were divided into groups and we had to read around 20-50 cases per day and give cognizance to the one’s which could be accepted by the commission. We worked in groups and it was boring a bit but the cases were really very funny.

One difficulty was that the cases were written in Punjabi and it was very hard to understand them! But the staff did help us with the cases.

We also had to read newspapers and we learnt how the commission gives suo motto cognizance to some cases.

After we learnt how the commission takes cognizance of the cases, we were given with real and decided cases to study. We had to work in the same group. After a study of the cases, the System Manager, Mr. Rohit Chatrath would ask the team questions about the case.

In the second week, we had many group discussions. Every team was made to prepare a topic which they presented before everyone and then questions were asked from the team. These discussions happened almost everyday in the second week. The topic could be anything of our choice!

On the last working day we were given projects. We could do it individually or in a team, The topic of the project was of our choice.

The project had to be submitted on 20th July. After submitting the project we got our internship certificates.

Work environment, people

The work environment was amazing. We didn’t have any rules. It was a cool atmosphere full of fun. While working we could chat with the other interns and crack jokes. We could sit and work the way we wanted. Eating was not allowed inside the conference room, but we still manged to eat! We had to bring our own food and water. Nothing was provided by the commission.

The people of the commission were very hard working. Almost everyone was working all the time and were very busy. The commission had different floors for different work and the people were actually concerned about human rights!

The best things AND the bad things

The best thing was the work atmosphere. We worked in an informal attitude and no one checked that. We could wear anything we wanted. It was just like working in a cafe shop!

The second best thing was lunch time. We were given a lot of time for lunch. Luckily all the best eating places were really close. Dominios was only one shop away and KFC was walking distance.

Sector 35 was only 10 minutes far and it had almost the most amazing food outlets ranging from McDonalds , Pizza Hut etc.

One more good thing we learnt was HUMAN RIGHTS. We actually got to learn a lot about human rights and how these rights were being violated. It created a respect for rights.

Nothing was bad as such except the fact that our room was on the third floor and the lift did not work all the time. The duration of office timings was a lot, but it was fun and interesting. We did get to learn something new everyday!


No Stipend

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

Most of the interns were locals.

We really didn’t have time to chill because we had a lot of work to do.

To chill we used to go nice food outlets and eat!

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      Sir ji

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    Thank’s With Regards

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