Internship Experience @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh: My Communication Skills Improved

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Harpreet Kaur

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh

Application Process

I sent them my CV alongwith Bonafide Student letter which was issued by my Law School (they asked for it).

Their Address is: Sco- 20-21-22, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh.

They were pretty fast in replying and I got reply to my Internship Request in 2 days via Phone call. Mr. Rohit Chatrath deals with interns.

Duration of internship and timings

One Month from 30-5-2011 to 30-6-2011. Out of which, for two weeks, I was expected to visit their office and then I got two weeks time for a research project.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was five minutes late when I entered their Conference Hall and I did not get seat. 😀 Later they got me a chair from another office which was pretty uncomfortable and exchanged it with a friend.

First Day we were briefed about Human Rights Act and How the Commissions function. We got half day off after a small open book test on the same. 🙂

Main tasks

In First week, our task for first half of the day was to translate complaints from Punjabi to English. I knew how to read Punjabi so most of the students in my batch were very sweet to me as I always helped them whenever they get struck. After translations, we were to tick mark them on a given format to check whether they can be taken up by the Commission or not.

Then after lunch, we were asked to have debates in our sub-groups. Each group consisted of 4 or 5 students. It really helped us to improve our communication skills.

In Second Week, we were asked to read some cases which were earlier decided by the commission and Mr. Rohit used to ask questions from it to check whether each one of use has read it or not. Then we discussed the matter thoroughly and if we had any doubts regarding any matter then Mr. Rohit used to explain it.

Work environment and people

Work environment was pretty relaxed.

We all were students from 2nd or 3rd year from various Law Schools and interaction part was fun.

Best things

In the morning, our first task was to read the newspaper and point out to Mr. Chatrath about some issues regarding which Commission could take sou moto cognizance.

Its Location. Dominos is just 2 shops away and its near to sector-35 where you can get varied food outlets from MCDonalds to NikBakers to Gopals etc.

Bad things

Sometimes, the work was bit boring.



Biggest Lessons

I learnt a lot about Human Rights violations. Commission used to take complaint against police officials mostly.

Any Other Thing

We were almost 20-25 people in one batch most of us from Law Schools from Northern India. I made some very good friends from UPES, Dehradun.


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