Internship Experience @ PUCL, Jaipur: Visit Night Shelters & Prepare Reports

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Nitesh Bhandari, Institute of Law, Nirma University, 3rd Year

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PUCL, Jaipur

Application Process with contact details

To apply, you need to mail your internship application along with your CV at and/or

I suggest you to send internship application along with C.V to both the mail address.The exact date of the internship shall be mentioned in the application. Please avoid the dates if you are not sure about the internship dates because kavita mam is very strict about time and date of the internship. One friendly advice:- Do not correspond through phone, until and unless it is very urgent or important.

Duration of internship and timings

23rd September, 2014 to 21st October, 2014.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was late for the internship by one day. As soon as I reached on first day, I realized that it is not going to be easy task for me. It was my first internship. You need to enter your name and details in a register which is there in the office for the information of visitors.

On the first day, after a general conversation and a formal introduction, all the people were assigned their respective groups and specific task was allotted to all the groups.

The first day impression is going to be your last impression as mam is very strict when it comes to the work. You have to do each and every task perfectly and any discrepancies can land you into troubled water. You need to be specific about work . Do not expect leniency from the side of mam even if it is your first day at work.

Main tasks

There is no specific task in PUCL as such. You may be asked to go to a village and do the field survey if any kind of human right violation has occurred in that area. You can be asked to go to refugee camps and help them in getting them their legal rights.

You may be asked to Visit Night Shelters and prepare a Report for the same. The main task which you need to do is, field Survey be it night shelters, refugee camps, schools, villages. During my internship, on the very first day, we asked to go to a conference which was organized by a government organization.

At the end of the day, we were asked to assemble into groups and reach to Agra-Jaipur Highway where the Pakistani refugees camps are located. We were introduced to the refugees and then asked to prepare a report about the conditions of the refugees and the problems faced by them. Later the same report was submitted to concerned organization.

On next few days we were asked to survey school, as at that time, in Rajasthan, merger of the schools was a big issue. We were asked to prepare a report on the implications of the merger. This project went for few days. At the end a Comprehensive report and compilation of papers were prepared and later it was submitted to the education minister as well as the authorities concerned with the education.

After this project got over, we were asked to survey the night shelters. All the interns were divided into groups of 4 to 5 people and later in the night the groups were asked to do survey of the night shelters and prepare a comprehensive report about the condition of the night shelters. The same report was also submitted to the authorities concerned.

One of the best thing which happened to me during internship was, we were send to a Sabha Bhavan where sessions on Communal ism, caste, religion, Babri mosque dispute, Rama Janma Bhumi, and about many topics, were held. The debates were organized and many documentaries were shown to us which changed my whole perspective about many thing. Their sessions changed me entirely.

The debates which happened there is still having influence on me and I am grateful for that. After this, one day A session on right to information was held, where Mr. Kamal Tank who is a renowned RTI activist in Rajasthan, spoke to us about use of RTI. This session introduced me to the practicality of the RTI. On the very next day, again, the groups were asked to do survey on the efficiency and availability of the Mahila Desk in Police stations.

On the very same day, a Session was organized by PUCL on the topic of women empowerment and it was headed by Ms. Renuka mam who is a leading women right activist in Rajasthan. At the end of the internship, the interns were send to different localities of the Jaipur to do a survey on the house availability to the people who are working in Jaipur but belong to different states.

Even on the last day of the internship, interns were not allowed to sit relaxed. At the end a submission of worksheet containing the information about the work undertaken by you during your internship, has to be submitted to Mam so that she can prepare a certificate accordingly.

I am really satisfied with the work assigned to me and I tried my best to deliver my best. I am really grateful to PUCL for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity where I actually learnt something out of social work.

Work environment and people

The people out there are very friendly. Pappu bhaiya, who works there part time, is such an amazing person. You can talk to him about anything, (only when you are free otherwise you know the termination thing). Kavita mam is such a sweet person but when she gets angry, you are nothing before her. Except intern.

Please try to avoid these situation and do as much as work you can do. This internship changed my Entire perspectives and I suggest each and every one who is really interested in working with a NGO, please once in your life, Intern with PUCL Jaipur, you will get to know the reality of the society. To do second internship with PUCL Jaipur, you need great strength. 🙂

Best things

The best thing about this internship is, you will get to know the reality of the society and you will get exposure to the human rights, which you cannot get sitting relaxed at home or doing internship wearing Black and White. I am not undermining the Legal internship.

The sessions on the different topics related to the social evils, will be the best which can happen to you. I promise you, you will not regret your decision of interning with PUCL Jaipur. It will be the best experience and interaction with the society, you can have in your life. You can say, PAISA VASOOL.

Although you will not get anything like stipend, rather you will have to spend your travel expenses out of your pocket money.

But No Stipend is not a thing to worry if you are getting social experience.

Bad things

There is nothing like bad thing but be cautious about timing. Kavita mam gives you second chance to get your mistake, ratified, but please keep in mind, there is no chance after the second chance.


No Stipend. It does not matter.

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson which I learnt during my internship is discipline and hard work. If you want to be successful and want to serve the society, you need to establish yourself through hard work.

Overall Rating



I stayed in a PG which is located near the office itself. But I suggest you do not go there. You need to search for good accommodation near the office. It will be better if you stay near to office.

Office Timings

Office timing are not specific. Generally you need to reach office before 9 A.M. You may get work for 8 hours and you may be asked to stay till 9. P.M. There is no strict schedule of the timings. It all depends on the work which has been assigned to you.

At the end of the day, you need to submit one page report stating the work which you have done in the entire day. The report submission on each day can be the last task for the day but even then it all depends on the work and mood of the mam.

You can go home after finishing your work and with the permission of the mam. Without permission leaving the office can result into warning of termination of your internship. Repetition of the same thing can actually lead to termination of your internship.


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