Internship Experience @ PUCL, Jaipur: 3 Days Human Rights Training, Learn How to Work Independently

Intern Details

Rooppreet Dhamija, 1st Year, Government Law College, Mumbai


10th May, 2016 to 10th June, 2016


The entire month of my internship was filled with amazing thrilling experiences.

People’s Union for Civil Liberties is one such organization that can add a lot to your life. I can definitely say that my tenure with PUCL, Jaipur has made me a better human being altogether.


First and the foremost thing that I have learned during my internship is to be punctual, come what may! There is strictness when it comes to being on time. You get late and you are asked to leave the internship! This fear of termination of internship keeps you punctual and it also has many other positive effects which you’ll get to read further in my feedback.


This is one aspect that you cannot fault at. Kavita ma’am is very particular when it comes to the conduct of the interns. It is mandatory for all the interns to send their daily feedbacks, mentioning their experience for the day.

Also she personally keeps the record of every intern working under her which is absolutely commendable as she is at the same time loaded with lots and lots of work. She makes sure that each intern works properly.


You learn how to work independently. Whatever the work is, you are supposed to complete it within a stipulated deadline by hook or by crook. Given the duty of a coordinator, my skills of coordination have undoubtedly improved.

The trust and confidence that ma’am has on her interns is what keeps the interns work endlessly. PUCL grooms you to your best.

Team work

Every time you are given a team task, you’ll be in a new team. Teams are never made according to the interns but always according to ma’am. And believe me you get the best out of each team. This is how PUCL contributes greatly to your friend circle!

I worked with 45 co-interns and I can say this with no doubt that all of them are now my good friends.

Work environment

Everyone here is so passionate about all the things they do. You cannot realize how your day passes. When you go back home after a long working day, there is no regret regarding the work you did the entire day. Each work allotted to you adds on to your knowledge.

PUCL is probably the best place for 1st and 2nd year law students to intern at. Being an abecedarian at law, one can best learn the basics in depth while working with PUCL. The knowledge will definitely surpass the basics.

My one month

My internship started with a three day Human Rights training. This included wide range of topics under human rights. Also I came across the role of Media as the protector of human rights. All my confusions related to human rights were addressed by the resource persons.

After this all the interns were sent for a PDS and Pension Survey in teams. My team and I went to the village Moriya Kuna, Udaipur District. I feel privileged that my efforts have added on to the data. I also attended sessions on Decline in Child Sex Ratio by Dr. Meeta Singh, a discussion on Right to Justice, a discussion on coming in of smart cities and also on dignity of women.

My internship also included visit to the Family court, District and Session court, Rajasthan High Court and Mahila Police Thana. We also interacted with the honourable judges of the respective courts. Our visits to the courts were regularly discussed with Senior Advocate Prem Krishan Sharma sir.

Interaction with eminent speakers like Sir V. Suresh, Prof. Prabhakar Sinha, Mr. Radhakant Saxena on topics such as Juvenile Justice Act, Capital Punishment, really added on to my chain of thoughts. Also, one hardly gets an experience of interacting with great public speakers and social activists like Madam Aruna Roy and Sir Nikhil Dey and PUCL gave me the chance not only to listen to them but also to work with them.

I got a chance to attend a meeting at Jaipur Secretariat as well and putting up my points in front of the bureaucrats in there really added on to my confidence. We were also sent for a safety audit in kacchi bastis of Jaipur. Not only this but I also came to know about the protest and struggle that had taken place to bring in RTI.

Cherry on the cake is my bit of contribution to the 22 days’ protest demanding the application of The Accountability act which was organized at Shahid Smarak, MI Road, Jaipur. This protest focused on different problems that are faced by the poor people in the Indian society i.e. problems related to ration, pension, NREGA, drought and fundamental rights.

It talked about implementation of a law and a constitutional right each day. It also talked about the problems of the vulnerable communities, Forest Right Act and PESA (1995). It was my last day when Right to choice was discussed at the protest. It also gave me an opportunity to interact with and listen to the political personalities such as Mr. Sachin Pilot and Mr. Yogendra Yadav.

All these activities and discussions have made a great contribution to my knowledge and personality.

Changes encountered

Right from the first day to the last, all the changes that I have seen in myself are positive. First and foremost is the change in thoughts that I have felt. Seeing through the problems that people in this society face, have made me a much more sensitive human being. There are large sections of people who are unable to get two square meals a day, safe drinking water, secured employment and a land to live in.

When you yourself get to see all of these, you realize how difficult life is. By doing safety audit in the slums and kachi bastis of Jaipur I have realized that women are not safe even in their own homes! The fear of getting teased dominates every woman’s mind!

We as young citizens can bring a change to the situation. My visits to the courts made me aware of the sluggishness of the Indian Judicial System. Attending the protest for 10 days made me aware of the problems faced by the people and i also developed a great bond which will help me to help them in future.

This entire month has made me more efficient, strong, practical, independent, workaholic, knowledgeable, confident, and professional and a highly social being. Much of the credit goes to my mentor Ms. Kavita Srivastava, who believed in my capabilities and gave me responsibilities and guided me through out.

I am sure of the fact that my relationship with PUCL, Jaipur is everlasting.


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