Internship Experience @ Prayas Juvenile Aid Society, Delhi

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Gaurangi Gupta, ITM University, 2nd year,

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Prayas Juvenile Aid Society, Delhi, Primarily helps juveniles

Application Process

In my first semester we were told to do internship in a NGO. Since I wanted to go in the best I asked my seniors and teachers, and applied in NHRC (National human rights commission).

Sadly I did not get selected because, one I was in first semester (I got to know later those they now only take interns from 3rd year) and second, they wanted someone who writes something (something like essays or articles or anything) and I had none. So I was devastated.

So my college was also giving internships and so I went to them. I had to send my resume to the concerned teacher and they offered me Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre Society.

Duration of internship and timings

In winter internship, I interned for 3 weeks in the NGO. We had to report at 9am at the office if it all we were doing research work and usually used to leave at 5pm. But at the field work we had to report at 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My first impression in mind of internship was very professional and kind of corporate. But the reality is somewhat different.

On my first day everybody had to report the head office of the NGO. So I was well dressed and all. But the look at the building kind of made me depressed. It was not how I expected.

We met the manager and then she took us to a conference room. There we were told about the organisation and were shown some video clips. Also we were asked about ourselves and our interests. After taking to her made us realise that yes it is a place where we can learn a lot.

So in all, the experiences was not at all what I expected. Neither professional nor any close to corporate.

Main tasks

Keeping our interests in mind our work manager divided us into groups of two. For two weeks we had to go to the open shelters.

We had to educate the children about hygiene, literacy, whereabouts and everything. We were also required to make them study. We had to teach them. And in the end we had to organise a street play and a small party for them.

In the 3rd week I opted for research work. So we had to organise an international conference meet in which NGOs from all over the world were coming, which had to take place in February. We made all the arrangements. We researched about the conference meet topic (child trafficking), made PPTs, designed the invitation cards etc.

Work environment and people

Work environment and people in the NGO were very friendly, very easy going. Though the open shelter which was allotted to us was little scary.

The area was very dirty and people there were very weird. But the headquarters were totally opposite. There was a room allotted to us in which we had to work.

Bad things

There was one disadvantage interning in a NGO that the work what they made us do was nothing close to law. Whatever we did, just made us gain experience plus gave exposure. Stipend being the first years, nobody is ready to give stipend. so even I din’t get a stipend

Biggest Lessons

I would like to enumerate the biggest lessons that I learnt.
1. Made me Disciplined
2. Became Punctual
3. Gave me exposure
4. Enhanced my communication skills
5. Made me experienced

Any Other Thing

I had liked to share an experience that I would remember throughout my life.

While Interning under Prayas, our manager took us on a secret inspection in the juvenile jail in Delhi where the criminals were open in a huge field and we had to interact with them and had to make case study on 10 juveniles per person.

I was personally very scared as I was told that we may find rapists, thieves and all.

When I was interacting with one of the rapist, juveniles started throwing stones at us. The guards immediately handled the situation, they started beating them. That was the most horrific moment of my life. But before that they were having lunch and we just came in, a very sweet boy, merely the age of 7-8 yrs old offered me orange to eat. That gesture was very humble.


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