Internship Experience @ PH Parekh: Good Work Environment, No Stipend, Rated 8/10

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

In the chambers of Senior Advocate (Supreme Court) Pravin H Parekh, New Delhi

B-99, Neeti Bagh, New Delhi – 110049
Phone number: 46498800

The team currently comprises of P H Parekh Sir, 2 junior Associates.

Ritika ma’m and Vishal sir as well as other legal secretaries.

Duration of internship

1st May, 2013 – 31st May, 2013

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

You can send an email to along with your CV and cover letter.

Make sure you follow up with phone calls to their office, preferably between 10 am – 6 pm.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

This internship is for 7 days a week (yes, including Sundays!).

The duration was from 9:30 am to around 7- 8 pm everyday. Parekh Sir is very strict about timings and you MUST be there in the office by 9:30 am sharp. This timing is also followed on days we went to the Supreme Court.

Also, if you stay after 8 pm or on Sundays, they allow you to order food (paid for entirely by Sir!).

In fact, they even have a file named “Khaana Khazana” (forgive any spelling mistakes!) comprising of pamphlets of places with home delivery. However, the food had to be vegetarian only (this rule is followed irrespective of whether Sir is in the office or not).

On days Parekh Sir was not in the office (like he was out for a tour because ‘unfortunately’, the Courts are closed and it’s his time to chill), the office timings are between 11 am – 5 pm on weekdays (and Sundays off! – however, I still don’t know if Saturdays were really off on such times!)

First impression, first day, formalities

On my first day, I was handed over the Intern Diary to fill up details such as Name, Duration of internship, Address, Contact information, etc. After this, I was ushered to their office where I was asked to choose between Iced tea, coffee and tea. Out of sheer formality and unaware of how shameless I was about to become later, I ordered nothing on my first day!

Both the junior Associates are quite friendly and asked for formal introductions before assigning work. On the first day itself, I was asked to work on Parekh Sir’s speeches and lectures which he was going to present in some conference in Germany.

Main tasks

As we were PHP (short for Pravin H Parekh) sir’s interns, we could be asked to work on anything such as his speeches, lectures, letters, or even stuff like preparing a list of hotels for him to stay or compiling old Hindi songs for his playlist!

But mostly, our work comprised of observing of Supreme Court proceedings, and reading up case files for the hearings. We could be randomly asked to brief the Associates on these cases.

We also had to attend PHP Sir’s Client counselling sessions, as well his conferences/ meetings with his Associates. We luckily managed to get our exposure to Supreme Court while it was open for the first 10 days in May.

While we were in the Supreme Court, we did not have to constantly follow the Associates as we were given a list of hearings and had to go to different Court rooms accordingly. PHP Sir would also ask for the interns to sit for the client counselling sessions.

We got to observe how Sir analysed a given case during these meetings and what all points he concentrated on, which in my opinion, was the best learning experience I had in this internship.

Even the conferences he held with his Associates where he would discuss every important aspect of the case and ask us to take note of the arguments that should be made in the Court were quite a treat, especially for those interested in Litigation.

In the month of May, we were asked to attend a conference on ‘Welfar of Lawyers’ by the Bar Council of Delhi (if you go to this conference, make sure you reach on time, and try not to be shocked by how savage very normal looking people can be when it comes to free food – in fact, do bring your own lunch! :P)

When the Supreme Court was closed, we were all asked to sit in the conference room and were given separate case briefs to read up on, after which we were asked to prepare list of dates and other things like, arguments, brief notes on cited judgments or statements of witnesses, or find relevant judgments.

ph parkeh internship

Work environment, people

The work environment was quite good. The junior Associates were friendly but also left the interns alone to mingle among themselves (I have elaborated more on work environment in the next section, so read on!).

The best things AND the bad things

Good things:

1. PHP Sir takes personal interest in interns, which is something I really appreciated in this internship. Unlike the cases of some of my friends working under other Supreme Court lawyers, PHP Sir does treat us as ‘his’ interns. We had to report to him when he was in the office or his chambers. He made sure that interns got their share of being observing conferences and client counselling sessions.

Besides, when Sir is in the office, we had to report to him directly for leaves and he was the one who decided when to grant us chutti.

2. Food – As I said before, they have this compilation of brochures and pamphlets of food joints for home delivery. You can also go out and eat at nearby places during lunch hour, the timings of which are very flexible.

The office peon, Vikas bhaiyya, is extremely nice, and rest assured, you would get generous quantities of Iced tea (somehow the best part of the internship for a lot of us), coffee (the way you want it – black, without sugar, or just the normal way in which it is made!) and tea.

I guess biscuits and maggie are also available, but none of us asked for it during the course of our internship.

3. The work environment is very good. The office is situated on the 2nd floor of Parekh Villa, which is Sir’s own house in Neeti Bagh.

It is a beautiful office comprising of the reception area, a separate room for Associates, interns and the secretaries, quite clean and well maintained bathrooms (this really is an important factor), kitchen (which was well stocked with water an other supplies like tissue papers, etc.), PHP Sir’s office, a conference hall as well as dining hall on the 3rd floor (which has another kitchen and contains microwave, cutlery, etc. as well as a very mysterious ‘Yoga room’ – which was always locked!). The office is quite posh.

4. People – the entire staff at the office of Mr. PH Parekh is very friendly and approachable.

Further, as a lot of interns had applied around the same time, we became quite close during the course of our month long internship.

5. As PHP Sir is also the President of India’s lawyer, you also get to work on well, the President’s speeches, such as assist in preparing of concept notes, or list of topics on a particular theme, etc. It may not be great work, but it feels really cool nevertheless!

Bad things:

1. Clearly, the worst thing about this internship was going to office on Sundays and staying till late evening. They work even more on Sundays as Associates from Parekh & Co. also come over to Sir’s office and conferences go all day long. It really would have been very difficult to intern for longer than the mandatory 21 days if PHP Sir had not changed the timings when the Courts closed and he left for Europe.

2. You really must be willing to ask for work. Though PH Parkeh Sir and the Associates do assign work to interns on their own, but if you want to make a good impression or get good work, you need to make an effort on your own as well.

3. Sir is very strict about arriving in the office at 9:30 am and does not tolerate anyone coming late at all. Sometimes, he holds meetings for interns at 9:30 am to ensure that everyone is right on time. And yes, you can be blasted by both Sir and the Associates for not being punctual.

4. Some of the work can be clerical, but then this is one aspect which is common in almost every internship. When we were attending the Supreme court cases, as there are so many of them, sometimes, we had no idea about a particular case and had to rely on other interns (especially the ones from Parekh & Co) to fund us with the relevant information.

If you are looking for serious litigation stuff, then please ensure you get to intern when PHP Sir is in the office, even if he is not there for the entire duration, as there is not much point being his intern when he is not even present in the office.



Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

There are a number of good PG’s around Neeti Bagh, and that too on walking distance. The PG’s are located mostly in Gautam Nagar. You can find good PG’s in Greenpark area as well. There are veral links available if you google ‘Gautam Nagar, Delhi, PG (justdial being one of the more reliable ones). The area is also relatively safe. As it is located in South Delhi, it is also very green and clean.

The nearest metro station from Neeti Bagh is Greenpark (but please check up on this!). The Supreme Court is also not very far from Neeti Bagh and you can easily travel by metro and auto.

The nearest place to chill is Ansal Plaza. However, you can also go to Greenpark market which is quite close by (you have to take an auto though!) and comprises of a lot of food joints. South Extension market and Lajpat Nagar market are also located in nearby places.

Overall, a good experience. I would rate this internship 8/10.


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