Internship Experience @ PUCL, Jaipur: Visit to Mahila Thana, Attend Conferences

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Aditi Bhati

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People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Jaipur

Application Process

I had sent an email to Ms Kavita Shrivastva (general secretary of PUCL) attaching an application giving reasons as to why I wanted to do an internship in that organisation.I also specified the time duration for which I wanted to do the internship(minimum for 4 weeks) and my personal details. I also attached my CV.

Email id:

Duration of internship and timings

I did my internship for 4 weeks i.e. from 15th June – 15th July 2015 in PUCL, Jaipur.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I had heard a lot about this organisation earlier from my friends and seniors. At the first instance we were required to write an application specifying our personal details and duration for which we wanted to do the internship.

The office really didn’t have a formal look but instead gave a homely feeling. There were rooms in which we could work on the desk but if we felt exhausted we could relax on the couch and complete our task.

Main tasks

This organisation works for people’s liberty, women empowerment and underprivileged people. We were allotted different tasks everyday. We worked on functioning of state government schools.We went to survey the Rohingyas (Mynammar Refugees) and distributed them food items in the month of Ramzan.

We also had visited Mahila Thanas and care & protection homes for children. We attended various conferences relating to environmental, political,health, education issues. We participated in various protests in different contexts.We were supposed to submit a report of every task we performed. There was a lot versatility in task we were allotted which exposed us to various fields.

Work environment and people

We always used to work in groups. This helped us to interact well with other interns and build up good relations with all. More importantly the skills of different people came together which gave better results. The environment which was given to us made us feel that females are no where less than males.

Since we were allotted equal or sometimes more challenging tasks than male interns. It was a friendly environment which never made our work boring or frustrating. Instead we used to enjoy every task given to us.

Best things

The versatility in the tasks allotted to us.The challenging nature of the task on whose completion we used to get immense satisfaction. The company of other interns and interaction with them which ultimately gave us lifetime friends.

The support and favor from the authorities. The confidence which gets boosted up after the internship and the vast knowledge we gain are the vital parts of the doing internship from this organisation.

Bad things

Sometimes the field work exhausts us a lot.



Biggest Lessons

When I was going to join this organisation I was a bit scared since a lot of people told me that the nature of the task is very challenging and exhausting. So I thought that I cannot perform such exhausting tasks in hot summer and I would have a havoc experience in the internship.

But when I joined the internship I gradually realized that whatever is the nature of the task and at whatever time of the day I have to perform it , it never bothered me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot through it. So I realized that we should never restrain ourselves from things by underestimating our capabilities.

Any Other Thing

During the internship I met a lot of underprivileged people and realized that I’m blessed enough by God.


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