We are looking for legal/creative interns to work for a funded tech startup. We are solving the difficult problem of measuring risk in online transactions, and potentially saving shoppers thousands of rupees by preventing consumer complaints.

We have a team two engineers, one lawyer and several technical interns who working day and night on cracking this puzzle. But the success of any technical team depends on a solid creative and analytical team. Lawyers by virtue of their education are great problem solvers.

We are hiring law students for the following profiles:

Profile 1: Contract Analysis and Simplification:

This intern will be involved in assessing the terms and conditions of ecommerce websites, and summarizing key terms, i.e. Refund, Returns, Replacement, Warranty, Indemnity.

We will use the training set developed by you to build a machine learning algorithm which will eventually be able to summarize agreements automatically.

Pre-interview challenge.

Please complete the following challenge to receive a call from us.

What terms and conditions are relevant to buyer buying a HP laptop from Amazon India?

Please write just the summary of the terms and conditions relevant in 150 words, in bullet points, with hyperlinks to the original text.


Since, we cannot share our proprietary algorithm publically, please refer to these resources to understand how simplification works.


  1. commonterms.net
  2. tosdr.org

Profile 2: Legal Risk Assessment:

This is profile requires high analytical skills and knowledge mathematics and statistics along with principles of contract law & consumer protection.

Pre-interview Challenge:

Calculate the Loss to a particular customer, due to Denial of Warranty by Flipkart to a buyer of the Nexus 7. 


Link to the mathematical equation behind the Amicus algorithm (simplified version): http://goo.gl/iZrVJ4

Overview of incident:


Details of incident:


General Data:


Profile 3: Creative Content Development:

This profile involves writing and creating scripts for our consumer awareness youtube channel, infographics for our user blogs and other exciting creative ways to create awareness.

Pre-interview Challenge:

Write a 200 word script for a one minute video explaining what users need to do to find out details about warranty before they make a purchase.


Record a one minute screen capture video with voice over, explaining how and where users should look to find out warranty details on an ecommerce website.

Use this tool for the free Screen Capture: http://tinytake.com/

What we looking for:

The following are essential skills to work with the Amicus Team:

  1. Be creative and amaze us with lateral thinking. The best solution is often the least obvious.
  2. Challenge our assumptions. We admire people who challenge our premises and show us a better way of doing things.
  3. We love arguments, IF they are backed by data. We are a data-driven company, who knows that no one is right or wrong unless they have data backing their assertions.
  4. Question everything. Feel free to question why we gave you certain task and how it connects with the bigger picture.
  5. Do your Goo-diligence (Google + due diligence). Before you ask us a question about anything make sure you do your homework and have looked at every other way to find that information online.
  6. We don’t care about your GPA, university, publications, moot or debate experience. We care about how you perform on the specific challenge we assign to you.
  7. Be a problem solver. We love those can break a problem into smaller parts and solve it in a structured manner. Find out by Googling “MECE.”

Find out more about us here and more about the technical job opportunities here.

Other Details:

Location: Vihara Innovation Campus, Chattarpur, New Delhi

Timing: 11 AM- 6 PM

Stipend: 3k/month + performance based bonus upto Rs 3k

Dress Code: Whatever you feel comfortable wearing. We don’t care about how “professional” you look, but the work you do.  

How to Apply:

Please email us with the Subject line in the following format: <Name><Profile No.><Preferred Dates for internship

Email: mail@amicus.co

  • Cover letter explaining why you would like to work with Amicus. Just this ( Don’t repeat CV here)
  • Actual CV with Phone no.
  • Response to the Pre-Interview Challenge for the profile you are applying for.


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    How are we supposed to complete the pre-interview challenge for profile 2?
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