Internship Opportunity: Society for Legal Reforms and Student Welfare [NGO, Work from Home]: Apply by Sept 28

Vacant Posts

Research Associate, Intern (Legal, Media, Business , Social Work etc.) and Campus Coordinators.


Society for Legal Reforms and Student Welfare is a non-governmental, private organization. The main aim of the organization is to eradicate loopholes and lacunae of law and policies prevalent in India. The way we have chosen to do it is by writing and petitioning the government through the appropriate channels.

We believe that we can do wonders through writing and research and hence we have chosen the peaceful way to create a rebellion and a moment so that no voice goes unheard and people should have equal say even in policy making through this way.

Call for Applications
  • Research Associates:

It will be a project based association and in which  the person based on his interest can associate with us and take up the project  as per his choice of field and/or intrest. Duration of this internship will be till the time of completion of the project or 3 month (which happens earlier).

  • Legal Intern:

It will be a short-time / part-time program in which you are supposed to work from home and submit some articles maybe 2 per week and we will publish it on our site. It has to be of minimum 2 months.

  • Campus Co-ordinators :

Leadership! One of the most important things, and important for all to carry. There is a lot of hue and cry for the leadership in nations and in societies. People who have the courage to lead this program is for them. Lead your campus if you think you have what it takes to convey and pursue others for the work you want and you thing you have those skills to convince them you are hired!


Candidate must be of recognized Law School with good communication and Research Skill.


o    A unique opportunity to develop your Research Skill.

o    Certificate of Appreciation and Letter of Recommendation on completion of tenure.

o    Recognition on official Website.

o    Opportunities to secure good internship in industry.

Application Process

If you wish to enroll yourself for any of the one above listed program you can mail your CV to with subject line “Application for Research Associate/Legal Intern/Campus Coordinator”.

Selction Process

After receiving your CV, Our HR department will review your CV and revert you with the decision.


For further queries, kindly reach us at: +918370016740 or or for more information log on to the website.


Facebook Page: Click HERE.

Website: Click HERE.


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