Internship Opportunity: Rehnuma Law Center, Legal Aid NGO [Karnataka & Hyderabad]: Apply by Sept 13


Rehnuma is a multi-stakeholder programme anchored by National Foundation for India and Center for Social Justice, Ahmedabad, run in partnership with nine organizations in 11 states. The programme was envisioned towards an effective implementation of socio-economic rights for religious minorities using a rights framework through entitlement centers.

The entitlement centers work through a combination of awareness building, stakeholder consultations (with government officers and civil society members), capacity building of lawyers, community-based paralegals and members of other civil society organizations on this issue , facilitating the community to actually file their claims on their entitlements, legal aid, litigation work and advocacy.

In some cases where the entitlements are not realized within reasonable time, litigation is undertaken to establish the rights of the minority community claimants and duties of the state authorities. Thus, Rehnuma acts as a facilitation unit or a bridge between the minority community on the one hand, and the state as the duty bearer on the other.

Call for Interns

Calling all law students who are bored of classroom learning and want to actually see the law and justice systems they study about in pages, in action on the field!


Rehnuma Law Centers require interns for their Center offices in Gulbarga (Karnataka) and Rangareddy (Hyderabad).


The internship will be offered for a minimum of one month to the selected candidates, extendable up to 6 months depending on the candidate’s interest.

As part of the internship, you will be required to report to the Centre offices at Gulbarga (Karnataka) or Rangareddy (Hyderabad), as per the selected candidate’s preference, and you will report to the Rehnuma Law Center’s Research Associate.

The intern will be involved in documentation of case studies, legal research, field visits with Rehnuma Law Center paralegals, analyzing ground realities regarding minority rights issues and more.

The intern will be eligible to receive a certificate on successful completion of the term they have been appointed for i.e. a minimum of one month.

Application Procedure

Interested students can send in their curriculum vitae and a statement of purpose mentioning their preference of Center [Gulbarga (Karnataka) or Rangareddy (Hyderabad)] to


13th September, 2016.

Applications sent after this date may be considered on a rolling-basis depending upon vacancies at the respective Centers.



Note: This is an unpaid full-time internship. The unpaid full time internship is available for non-residents.Unpaid part-time internships are only available for students already living and studying in and around Gulbarga (Karnataka) and Rangareddy (Hyderabad).


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