Internship Opportunity @ My Story as a Wo(Man): Field Work + Online Research: Apply by Aug 10

My story as a Wo(Man) is an initiative for gender equality and women empowerment.

This is a platform to showcase the growing need for equality among ALL genders and interestingly we are focused on some field work for women empowerment.

We are people who write articles, interview people and engage the youth to speak up and act on issues related to gender and equality.

We strongly believe we have to involve people from all genders, from all walks of life to join us in moving a step ahead in attaining gender equality.

This is a call to all those feminists, budding lawyers and gender studies enthusiasts who are ready for either field work or online research work or both.

Check us out at:


Tasks :


While most of the work will be the usual content writing, researching for details, we want it with a twist.

We want our researchers to be enthusiasts who can network with various people, not be afraid to interview and most importantly should be ready to break stereotypes.

Field Work:

Since we are based in Chennai, if you are from Tamil Nadu, we can involve you in our field activities.

If you are not from Tamil Nadu and if you can prove to us you can spearhead activities from your place, then you can do that too.

General rules and regulations:

No age limit.

Online: Should have access to internet, have social media access and skype.

Should be proficient in English.

Field work: Should have the TIME, have internet access and should be proficient in English and regional language.

Internship period:

Minimum one month but can be extended based on performance.


Pro bono. ( Voluntary and unpaid)


August 10th


Certificates and recommendation letters will be issued based on performance.

Application procedures:

Send your resume to along with a small write up about why you want to be part of our initiative (Maximum 10 lines)


Contact details are a must.

Selection criteria:

The selection is going to be evaluated based on the potential, enthusiasm and overall personality the candidate exhibits. Marks, grades don’t factor much in it.

If you are able to convince us that you have the conviction, time and interest, then that is the way to join us. Diversity is most encouraged. We do expect strong communication skills and the ability to be a team player.

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